Offer Details, Support, and Feedback

  • Competitive sites offer challenging and rigorous responsibilities, opportunities to reflect, and continuous feedback.
  • Opportunities are most attractive to students when they provide a thorough explanation of responsibilities and possible remuneration/compensation.
  • Students choose from a variety of internship sites and make initial contact through email or telephone.

Establish Visibility

  • Provide the Career Center with as much information about your organization and internship as possible by completing the Posting Form.
  • Update your organization's information at any time throughout the semester to ensure accuracy.
  • Recruit and select top-notch candidates through Dickinson's on-campus recruiting opportunities, information sessions, and online posting systems (Handshake and LACN).

*If you would like to recruit using Dickinson's on-campus recruiting program, or would like to know more about the program, please contact the Career Center at 717-245-1740. This is an excellent way to connect with students while establishing visibility for your organization

Create the Demand

  • Offer challenging opportunities for the student to apply his or her knowledge to meaningful assignments.
  • Provide consistent supervision by an on-site professional.
  • Assist in designing learning objectives that are unique for the given student and experience.
  • Evaluate the intern's performance at the end of the semester by means of an evaluation form.
  • Occasionally consult with a Dickinson liaison regarding the student's progress.

Below you will find additional information to assist you in your hiring process: