Advising for External Fellowships & Prestigious Awards

The Dean & Director of Internships, Externships, Fellowships coordinates Dickinson’s efforts to recruit and nurture potential applicants for fellowships and prestigious awards. Near the end of the fall semester, the Dean of Academic Advising will ask First Year Seminar instructors/advisors to identify 2-4 outstanding students in each seminar, whether because they are articulate or because they can think beyond the obvious (“outside of the box”). The Center for Advising, Internships & Lifelong Career Development will invite these students to information sessions about prestigious awards and fellowships and continue to offer support over the full four years.

Strong candidates will distinguish themselves by pursuing ambitious opportunities over the course of their college careers-both inside and outside the classroom. Academic excellence, strong leadership, and a commitment to service are important qualities for many prestigious awards. Students by thus consider participating in “alternative” spring breaks and other volunteer activities, internships and research, and-if they choose to study abroad-they should take full advantage of the opportunity to engage in rigorous research and build networks with scholars in their chosen fields. 

Contact the Dean & Director of Internships, Externships, Fellowships for more information and details. The following individuals serve as a designated Dickinson faculty representative for individual programs:

Critical Language Scholarship

Katie DeGuzman

Fulbright, U.S. Student Program
(Research/Study & English Teaching) 

Amity Fox, Alyssa DeBlasio,
Donna Bickford, Amy Steinbugler

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Amity Fox

Gilman International Scholarship

Katie DeGuzman

Goldwater Scholarship

Amity Fox

Humanity in Action

Amity Fox

James C. Gaither Junior Fellowship

Amity Fox

James Madison Fellowship

Sarah Bair

Marshall Scholarship

Amity Fox

George J. Mitchell Scholarship

Amity Fox

NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program

Catrina Hamilton-Drager

National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship      

Anthony Rauhut

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship

Windsor Morgan

National Security Educational Program (Boren)

Katie DeGuzman

Rhodes Scholarship

Amity Fox

Rotary Global Grants Fellowship

Tara Fischer/Amity Fox

St. Andrews Scholarship

Damon Yarnell

Harry S. Truman Scholarship

Amity Fox

Udall Scholarship

Amity Fox