At Dickinson, an internship is defined as "a closely monitored applied experience in a professional setting, with definite learning objectives incorporating reflection on and integration of theories and concepts with practice." 

Internships provide opportunity for integrative learning, which the Association of American Colleges & Universities defines as building connections across the curriculum and co-curriculum and synthesizing and transferring learning within and beyond the campus (AAC&U Value Rubrics). Internships are an excellent way for students to explore and gain experience valued by employers and graduate schools.  Students should be encouraged to register internships through the Internship Notation Program (INP).

Internship Notation Program

Dickinson’s Internship Notation Program (INP) fosters and creates intentional pathways for reflection, assessment, and goal setting.  INP students develop clearly defined goals, practice professional and networking skills, provide written reflection and receive feedback, and articulate their experience into a plan moving forward. 

Students receive official college recognition for internships through participation in the INP.  Upon successful completion of an internship and corresponding reflective component (overseen by the Director of Internship Programs), documentation is placed on the official transcript through the INTR 7xx course number.  The internship and reflective component must occur simultaneously; therefore, retroactive notations are not granted.  There is no fee/tuition charged for this program.  Participation in the INP will not replace one of the 32 courses required to earn a Dickinson degree.  For more information, visit the INP website.  To register, students should complete the form through the Forms section in Gateway.

Several academic disciplines require or allow the internship notation program to fulfill their graduation requirements, including Policy Studies (Law & Policy and Policy Management), Educational Studies, Women's, Gender, Sexuality Studies, and Archaeology (for those not doing excavation fieldwork), International Business & Management, the Health Studies Certificate, the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) Certificate and the Food Studies Certificate.

"Credit Required" Situations

An employer may indicate that they "require" credit, some sort of paperwork, confirmation letter, or signed document from the College. 

If a student inquires about a "Credit Required" internship, requests a confirmation letter, or needs a signature on any internship-related paperwork, please direct them to contact the Director of Internship Programs as soon as possible.  Participation in the INP will normally meet an employer's criteria or we may have other paperwork already signed with the employer.  The Director will work with the student and employer to ensure all requirements are met, provide requisite confirmation letters, and/or complete all necessary paperwork.  

Other alternatives/exceptions

Independent study: A few majors allow students to complete an independent study in conjunction with an internship experience. The student would receive credit and a grade for the academic component of the independent study. In this case, students register using the Special Course Options form from the Registrar's Office.  Tuition fees will apply. 

International internships: Some study abroad programs integrate internships with an Intercultural Seminar or independent study, while others allow for the INP.  If participating in a study abroad program (including The Washington Center or NYC-Baruch Program), check with a Center for Global Study and Engagement coordinator about internship options.

All other students should be encouraged to register internship experiences through the INP.

Research Experience Notation (REXP)

The Research Experience Notation is different from the Internship Notation Program in that the principal activity and focus of the Research Experience is original investigation designed to create new knowledge in a recognized field of inquiry.

The Research Experience notation is intended to provide formal documentation of non-credit scholarly scientific research experiences that take place under the supervision of a professional researcher at Dickinson or at another institution.  Examples include student-faculty research with a Dickinson faculty member (on campus or at a field site), or participation in a summer research project at another research organization (typically a college or university, private research foundation, or research and development division of a corporation).

Upon successful completion of a research experience and corresponding departmental component (overseen by the department chair and supported/processed by the Director of Internship Programs), documentation is placed on the official transcript through the REXP 7xx course number.

If students have questions about this designation, they should contact the Director of Internship Programs.

Resources & Deadlines

If searching for experiential learning opportunities like internships and research, students may meet with a career counselor and utilize Career Center resources.  Students should check the Career Center Website for opportunities and watch for specific emails regarding announcements, opportunities, and application deadline dates.

For questions about registered experiences (internship or research) and the INP/REXP, internship grant funding, and confirmation/verification letters or forms related to internships, please contact the Director of Internship Programs.