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Biosafety News

  • Spring Biosafety Meeting #2: Tthursday February 11, 2021. 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, virtual via ZOOM
  • Spring Biosafety Meeting #1: Thursday Januaury 28, 2021. 11:00am to 12:00 pm, virtual via ZOOM

IBC News 1-17-2020

1.  CITI Training.  The IBC has extended the validity of CITI IBC training for PI's to five years. This change will be retroactive to the first time you took the training.  Going forward CITI and Mentor will notify you of a pending or expired training certification (90 days prior, and 14 days post).

2.  Amendments. PI's must submit an Amendment (type: Minor/insignificant changes) when TAs, student researchers (academic year or summer) are newly associated or removed from a protocol at a) the beginning of fall semester, b) the beginning of spring semester, or c) prior to summer research months. The protocol amendment process has been streamlined to make this FAR easier than before. (See instructions for PI's on the Mentor Main/Info page). *IF* an annual protocol report is due for submission at a-c (above), you may note your student changes there instead of amending your protocol.

4.  Next IBC Meeting.  If you have new classroom or experimental protocols for this spring, please submit them before the end of the day prior to the meeting, so the Committee may begin the process of review.

5.  Documents Due.   If you have annual reports due (or overdue), or amendments on current protocols, please submit thembefore the next meeting.

6.  Materials Transfer Agreements (MTAs). Dickinson has a new arrangement with Addgene to speed up the filing and signing of MTA's with electronic signatures. Going forward, just use your regular Dickinson email when sending a request to Addgene; no need to notify the IBC or IBC Adminsitrator you are doing so. Notices of pending MTA's will automatically come to Glen Peterman's (IBC Administrator) email from Addgene so he can electronically approve and sign on behalf of the College. This should quicken the process for you so you can obtain what you need from Addgene in a timely fashion.

If you have any questions about process or run into any issue whatsoever regarding submission of your protocol, annual report, or amendment please contact Glen Peterman (245-1165) immediately for assistance.