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Faculty Publications

Several articles were published in the spring of 2017 by Professor Douglas Stuart "The Pearl Harbor System at 75" in a book edited by Nicholas Burns for the Aspen Foundation, America's Pivot to Asia: A Eulogy or an Interim Report? in the Spring 2017 issue of the Marine Corps University Journal and Restarting the Rebalance in Asia Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. 

A recent publication by Sarah Niebler Assistant Professor of Political Science appeared in the Journal of Public Economics enttitled "Does negative advertising affect giving behavior? Evidence from campaign contributions". 

A recent publication by Kathleen Marchetti, Assistant Professor of Political Science, titled Distinguishing Occasional Abstention from Routine Indifference in Models of Vote Choice appeared in Political Science Research and Methods. April 12017

Associate Professor Political Science and International Studies, Andew Wolff, recently pulblished European security: the missing piece of European studies curriculum in the United States in Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 2016

Toby Reiner, Assistant Professor of Political Science, recently published "Social Meanings and the Cultural Theory of Goods in Michael Walzer's Ethical Anthropology" in Polity Vol. 48 (3): 359-386, July 2016

A recent publication of a book chapter entitled "European Identity and Diffuse Support for the EU in a Time of Crisis: What Can We Learn from University Students?" by Associate Professor Kristine Mitchell, appears in an edited volume by Viktoria Kaina and Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski's called European Identity Revisited: New Approaches and Recent Empirical Evidence

Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Studies, Andrew Wolff, recently published "The future of NATO enlargement after the Ukraine crisis" in International Studies Vol. 91 (5): 1103- 1121

Kathleen Marchetti, Assistant Professor of Political Science has several recent publications of note. In State and Local Government Review her article “Consider the Context: How State Policy Environments Shape Interest Group Advocacy” will appear in the journal’s next quarterly issue. See a full online copy of the article at the journal link above.

Two additional recent publications of Professor Marchetti appear in Interest Groups & Advocacy. First, "Assessing business advantage in Washington lobbying." Vol. 4 (3): 205-224. Co-authored with Marie Hojnacki, Frank R Baumgartner, Jeffrey M Berry, David C Kimball and Beth L Leech. The second, is a solo-authored article “The use of surveys in interest group research”, also published in Vol 4 (3): 272-282.

The final recent publication by Professor Marchetti titled "What’s the Payoff?: Assessing the Efficacy of Student Response Systems." appears in Journal of Political Science Education. Vol. 11 (3): 249-263. This article is co-authored with Zachary Baumann and Benjamin Soltoff, on the effect of Clicker usage on student learning outcomes in political science classes.

Professor Kristine Mitchell co-authored a chapter titled "Importing the American Liberal Arts College?" in The Best Kind of College: An Insider's Guide to America's Small Liberal Arts Colleges, edited by John Seery and Susan McWillams and published by SUNY Press, 2015

Professor Sarah Niebler co-authored an article with Jacob R. Neiheisel titled "On the Limits of Persuasion: Campaign Ads and the Structure of Voters' Interpersonal Discussion Networks" in Political Communication, DOI:10.1080/10584609.2014.958258.

Professor Toby Reiner's article on the ethics of war titled "'Supreme Emergencies', ontological holism, and rights to communal membership" was published in the journal, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, Routledge, 10 March 2015.

Professor Douglas Stuart co-authored a volume with Bill Tow titled The New US Strategy Towards Asia: Adapting to the American Pivot and published by Routledge, 2015.