Honors in LALC

Detail of a church in Cuenca, Ecuador

Honors Thesis


  • GPA of 3.50 or higher in all courses related to the major

Students who want to be considered for honors must present a project proposal during the second semester of their junior year which needs to be approved by the chair in consultation with LALC faculty.

In addition to LALC 490 (taken for half a credit each semester during senior year), honors candidates should register for LALC 550 (Independent Research) for half a credit each semester, thus completing two full credits of independent research during senior year.

Successful completion of independent research project in the form of an approximately 60-page thesis.

Successful oral defense of independent research project to a committee of three readers, showing mastery of the topic and ability to place it in wider historiographical and theoretical context, and to connect it with broader issues of LALC Studies.

Outstanding thesis and oral defense (combined grade of A- or A). (Students who are not granted honors will receive 2 credits total equivalent to LALC 490 and Independent Research).

Timeline for Honors

Identification of research topics and discussion of feasibility with LALC faculty.

Identification of and acceptance by a faculty research advisor who will serve as first reader in consultation with LALC chair by the end of junior year.

Presentation of honors proposal (topic description, rationale, and bibliography) by the end of junior year.

Communication of acceptance of proposal by LALC chair after consultation with LALC faculty by the end of summer before senior year.

During the fall semester: developed annotated bibliography, developed outline, and preliminary draft of honors thesis; selection of second and third readers for the thesis committee by the end of the semester.

First half of the spring semester: draft revisions.

Complete thesis and defense to committee during April.

Public presentation of thesis together with other honors theses and senior research papers during the last weeks of the spring semester.

Honors Proposal

The proposal should address the significance of the topic, the questions you want to explore, the approach and its originality, the methods to be used, and the feasibility of the project. Length: 5 to 7 pages. In addition, proposals need to include a preliminary annotated bibliography of key sources and a larger bibliography with other potential sources.