The following list includes the names of Dickinsonians who have earned departmental honors, the thesis/project title, and the year of conferral. If there is no thesis or project title, the conferring department only will be listed. Each academic department (or program) has its own criteria for awarding departmental honors. Please see the Advising Guide or elsewhere on the department’s main website for details.

Gabriella Kimberly Farrell (2021)
Invisibility and Resistance: Bolivian Migrant Women in Argentina and Gendered Labor Trajectories

Isiah Gabriel Godoy (2020)
A Colombian Peace: Impartial Ceasefires and Protected Reintegration Process in Colombia

Daniela Mar Arnedo Aldrich (2019)
Agroecology and Critical Pedagogy: Contributions to Resistance in a Rural Community in Ceará, Brazil

Jacqueline Amezcua (2019)
Politics of Memory and the Escrache in Post Dictatorship Argentina

Elizabeth Marin (2018)
Echándole ganas: Identity and Resilience in Oral Histories of Women of Mexican Descent at Dickinson College

Olivia Greer Migliori (2017)
Prayers of Peace and Protest: The Relationship between the Catholic Church and Chile's Socialist and Military Governments (1970-1990)

Polly Warner Terzian (2017)
The Ni Una Menos Movement in 21st Century Argentina: Combating More than Femicide

Amanda Jo E Wildey (2013)
The Local and the Global in Andean Agriculture: Technical Changes and Rural Economy in Coporaque, Peru