Spring 2019 INST Elective Courses

Globalization & Sustainability Concentration
1) Students in classes of 2019, 2020, 2021 with a Globalization & Sustainability concentration can select concentration courses from both the World Economy & Development & the Sustainability & the Global Environment lists.

2) Students in the class of 2022 forward must choose either a World Economy & Development concentration or a Sustainability & the Global Environment concentration with all concentration courses coming from the appropriate list.)

World Economy & Development

ECON 214 Political Economy of Gender
ECON 314 The Chilean Experiment: Economic Advice, Monetarism & Economic Liberalization
ECON 371 British & European Economic History
INBM 230 International Organizational Behavior
INBM 240 Marketing in a Global Context
SOCI 237 Global Inequality
HIST 215 World Migrations since 1850

Sustainability & the Global Environment

EASC 206/POSC 290 Asian Urban Ecology
ECON 222 Environmental Economics
ENST 372/INST 290 Environment, Conflict, & Peace
ERSC 142 Earth’s Changing Climate
HIST 151 History of the Environment
HIST 206 American Environmental History
RELG 215 Jewish Environmental Ethics
SOCI 230 Sustainability: Social Justice & Human Rights

Security Studies / Global Security Concentration
This list is applicable for the classes of 2019, 2020, 2021 Security Studies concentration and the renamed Global Security concentration applicable to the class of 2022 forward.

ENGL 101/WGSS 101 Women Write War
ENST 372 Environment, Conflict, & Peace
HIST 215 After Genocide & Apartheid: Peace, Justice & Reconciliation
INST 271/POSC 271 Ethics & International Security
INST 281/POSC 281 American National Security Policy
INST 283/POSC 283 Intelligence & National Security
INST 290/POSC 290 Global Security
MEST 233 US Public Diplomacy in the Arab World
POSC 258 Human Rights
POSC 390 National Security Law (counts as Security Studies seminar for the certificate)
SOCI 272/MEST 272 Islam & the West
SOCI 313/WGSS 313 Contemporary Human Trafficking

To see a previous semester's IS electives in the concentrations of "Globalization and Sustainability" and "Security Studies", please click on the appropriate link below: