Spring 2021
International Studies Elective Courses

Security Studies/Global Security Concentration Courses
INST 277/POSC 277/MEST 266: International Politics of the Middle East (WID course)
INST 290/POSC 290: Global Security
INST 290/POSC 290: The Media in War & Peace
INST 290/POSC 290: Political Communication
HIST 211: US Military History
HIST 215: Refugees
HIST 311: Violence & Colonialism
POSC 208/PHIL 285: Justice in World Politics
POSC 290/PHIL 261: War and Justice
POSC 390: National Security Law
SOCI 272: Islam and the West
WGSS 301: Immigration Politics: Gender, Race & Sexuality in Contemporary Migration

World Economy & Development Concentration Courses
INST 290: Globalization, Inequality, & Personal Finance in an Interdependent World
INST 290/ECON 314: Gender and Development
INBM 230: International Organizational Behavior
INBM 240: Marketing in a Global Context
POSC 208/PHIL 285: Justice in World Politics

Sustainability & the Global Environment Concentration Courses
ECON 222: Environmental Economics
ERSC 250: Intro to Arctic Studies
HIST 151: History of the Environment
POSC 208/PHIL 285: Justice in World Politics

1. Students in the class of 2021 working in the old Globalization & Sustainability concentration can select concentration courses from both the World Economy & Development & the Sustainability & the Global Environment lists. Note that the class of 2021 is the last class that can elect the “Globalization & Sustainability” concentration.

2. IS majors with a country or region concentration should consult Banner and their advisor for courses that count toward their concentration.

3. POSC 208/PHIL 285 Justice in World Politics covers three main topics: migration (global security); distributive justice (world economy & development); justice & the environment (sustainability & global environment). It can count for all three concentrations provided that students, in consultation with the professor, do their research project on a topic related to their particular INST concentration.

To see a previous semester's IS electives in the concentrations of "Globalization and Sustainability" and "Security Studies", please click on the appropriate link below: