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Take Home Pay Estimator for New Hires

In order to assist new employees with seeing what their pay might look like based on salary and benefits, please visit the appropriate Paycheck City sites listed below.  These are NOT college sponsored sites and any calculations are only ESTIMATES of what your pay might look like.

Administrators/Faculty -

Support Staff -

Please follow these instructions to get the most accurate estimate.      

Have your appointment letter available for reference.

Select Calculation date and state

  • Check date - leave as default - today's date.  Choose 'Pennsylvania' for the State for withholding.

General Information

  • Administrators/Faculty - Enter Gross Pay as an annual amount and choose the corresponding Gross Pay Type.
  • Support Staff - Enter hourly rate into Pay Rate and hours worked per pay period (either 70 or 80) into Hours.  Gross Pay will calculate automatically.
  • Gross Salary YTD - leave as '0'
  • Pay Frequency for administrators and faculty is Semi-monthly, Pay Frequency for support staff is Bi-weekly.
  • Select your Federal Filing Status and enter your allowances and additional federal withholding amount (from your W4).
  • You should not round Federal Withholding and most employees are not exempt from paying Federal Tax, Fica or Medicare.

State and Local Information

  • Pennsylvania SUI should be marked 'Yes'.
  • Enter either your home or work address (work is PO Box 1773, Carlisle PA  17013).  Because local tax varies on where you live and/or work, you might want   to try both.  If you don't live in PA, then you'll want to automatically use your work address.  If  you live in PA, then mark 'Resident'; if you live in another state, mark 'Nonresident'. 
  • Most employees are NOT Exempt from State and/or Local tax withholding.

Voluntary Deduction Section

  • Type in a description of your first deduction in Deduction  Name - from your Flexcomp and Retirement Election Form.
  • Type in the Deduction Amount - from your Flexcomp and Retirement Election Form.
  • The Deduction Type will be $ Fixed Amount.  When entering deductions with per pay amounts less than $1.00, enter the amount as 0.85 (not .85).

Deductions MAY be exempt from certain taxes.  Please follow theses guidelines when checking the boxes as Exempt from:

Tax Exclusions
 AD&D Accident  Dental  Medical Vision  Flexible Spending Account - Health Flexible Spending Account - Dependent Retirement 
Federal Tax  X X X X X X X X
State/Local  X X X

  • Click on the Add Deduction button to add more deductions.
  • When all of your information has been entered, click on the Calculate button to see your ESTIMATED results.  A new calculation can be run by selecting the New Calculation button.