Payment and Refund Policy - Student Account Hold

Please be sure to read Dickinson College's Financial Responsibility Statement, which is part of the College's Policies students acknowledge/accept each academic year.  Any questions with regard to the statement can be directed to the Student Accounts Office.

Payment Policy and Student Account Monthly Invoices

An itemized statement (invoice) of tuition and fees is available on the student's Dickinson Gateway, prior to the beginning of each semester.  For the semester invoices, payment is due and must be paid 14 days prior to the beginning of each semester. In addition, monthly invoices are generated, reflecting any charges or credits posted within that month, payment is expected by the due date listed on the generated invoice.  Accounts not settled by the due date will be subject to a one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month interest charge on the unpaid balance.  In addition, an unpaid account balance could result in a delay in the student registering for classes, course adjustmemt period (add/drop) or possibly an administrative withdrawal from the college for financial reasons. A hold is placed on the student's account if the balance is past due. This hold prohibits the student from registering for courses or course adjustments, housing lottery process, application review to go abroad, charging in the Bookstore, Devil's Den and Dining Services areas.  

Whether or not the student is currently enrolled, a hold is placed on the student's record for any account in arrears to Dickinson College, including the student account, educational loans issued by or through or upon approval of the college.

Refund Policy

The Dickinson College Refund Policy applies to all students attending the Carlisle campus who withdraw, are dismissed, or take a leave of absence from the college after the start of classes. A separate refund policy applies to those students attending sites approved through the Center for Global Study and Engagement. Please see the General Orientation Handbook for Study Abroad, available in the Center for Global Study and Engagement Office.

A student's date of withdrawal is determined by either:

  1. The date the student begins the withdrawal process by contacting the Registrar, or
  2. The last date the student attends class or uses room or board plan after requesting leave through from the Associate Vice President for Student Life, or
  3. The date the student is officially dismissed from the college, or
  4. If the student leaves without notifying the institution, the mid-point of the semester or the student's last documented attendance at any academically related activity, whichever is later.

Refunds of all institutional charges for tuition, required fees, room and board will be determined on a pro-rata basis until 60% of the semester has been completed. No refunds will be calculated after 60% of the semester has elapsed. Weekends are included in counted days, except when part of a scheduled period of non-attendance of five days or more, such as spring break.

A student who withdraws prior to the beginning of the first day of classes will receive a 100% refund, except for the non-refundable enrollment deposit. Charges for room and board will continue until departure from campus. Refund calculations for all flexible meal plan options will be based on the actual meals, points and declining balance used by the student. Any outstanding account balance will be deducted prior to a refund being processed.

For students receiving financial aid, the following rules will apply:

  1. Funds will be returned to financial aid programs before any funds are returned to the student.
  2. Return of Title IV (Federal) Funds: Funds received from the Federal financial aid programs will be aggregated and refunded to the programs using the same percentage as calculated above. After 60% of the semester has been completed, federal financial aid funds are viewed as "earned" in their entirety, and no refund will be made. Funds will be returned in the order prescribed by the US Department of Education: Unsubsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loan, Subsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loan, Federal Direct PLUS Loan, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, then other federal assistance.
  3. Grant/Scholarship aid from Dickinson will be refunded to the source from which it came using the calculated refund percentage.
  4. State Grants will be refunded in accordance with the guidelines of the appropriate state grant agency.
  5. Outstanding balances due to the college will be deducted from any refund due to the student.

Performance Studies Fees

PLEASE NOTE: A fee is assessed for all Performance Studies lessons (with the exception of lessons for music majors meeting certain criteria). These fees are added to the student's tuition when registration is confirmed at the end of the Add/Drop Period.  **Performance Studies fees are non-refundable after the add/drop period has ended.**

Summer School Refund Policy

For a paid, registered student taking classes on the Carlisle campus, who informs the college before the first day of classes for summer, that they expect not to attend summer school, shall be entitled to a 100% refund of all fees. After classes begin, the following schedule will apply:

Course (for credit) dropped during the 1st week, 60% refund
Course (for credit) dropped during the 2nd week, 40% refund
Course (for credit) dropped after the 2nd week, 0% refund

Course (for audit) dropped during the 1st week, 60% refund
Course (for audit) dropped during the 2nd week, 20% refund
Course (for audit) dropped after the 2nd week, 0% refund

Room and Board: No Refund
Application Fee: No Refund

If the student's bill has not been paid in full or if there are new charges on the student's account, the refund to the student may not fully cover the charges. In this instance, the student may continue to have an outstanding balance owed to Dickinson, and will not receive a refund.  

A separate refund policy applies to those students attending sites approved through the Center for Global Study and Engagement. Please see the General Orientation Handbook for Study Abroad, available in the Center for Global Study and Engagement Office.

Tuition Refund Insurance Plan

We recommend every family consider GradGuard's Tuition Protection Plan from Allianz Global Assistance.  GradGuard has included coverage for COVID-19 related reimbursement in their Tuition Protection Plan.  Please review the updated coverage alert from GradGuard that was published in February 2021. 

We believe it is important to offer an easy, affordable way to protect the investment your family has made in higher education.  That's why Dickinson College has negotiated with GradGuard to provide our families with tuition insurance by Allianz Global Assistance featuring special plans and rates not available to the general public.

The coverage expands the scope of our refund policy by ensuring reimbursement for tuition, room and board and other fees for covered withdrawals at any time during the semester.  Plans also include Student Life Assistance: a 24-hour emergency hotline that offers students and parents even greater peace of mind.

To learn more, please visit the GradGuard website or dial 1-877-794-6603.

Student Account HOLD and Clearing Your Account Balance

If you have a financial hold on your account, you need to make payment to satisfy that balance and contact the Student Accounts Office notifying them the balance is paid.  Student Accounts will verify payment satisfaction, then release the hold. Payments may be made with cash, check, money order, EFT or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please email Student Accounts to inquire about possible eligibility for additional assistance. 

Registration Hold Appeals

If you feel you have a valid reason to appeal the registration hold, you may do so by sending an e-mail message to Student Accounts. You must type "APPEAL" in the subject section of the e-mail message and briefly state the reason(s) the appeal committee should permit you to register with an existing balance. Appeals will be reviewed on a first come first served basis. It is in your best interest to act promptly. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact the Student Accounts Office to inquire about possible eligibility for additional assistance.