February 13, 2017


Dear Dickinson Parents:

As a parent, you have made a significant investment in your student's education. Please know that I, and the entire campus community, understand this and take our responsibility to provide an outstanding educational experience for your student very seriously. Knowing that an investment such as this requires planning, I would like to share the 2017-18 comprehensive fee schedule that was recently approved by Dickinson's Board of Trustees. This fee structure represents a 3.45 percent increase in tuition, room and board. When factoring in the student fee, which will remain unchanged, the overall increase will be 3.43 percent.

Tuition - $52,480
Room - $6,826
Board - $6,410
Student Fee - $450
Total Comprehensive Fee - $66,166

Your investment in a high-quality liberal-arts experience allows us to invest in your student--to prepare him or her for a world of meaningful work and life beyond our limestone walls. Whether it's through student-faculty research opportunities, a life-changing study-abroad experience, interdisciplinary courses that open up new ways of thinking or internships that spark a passion, each student will move on from Dickinson with the confidence and skills needed for our increasingly complex society.

As you may be aware, the comprehensive fee does not reflect the actual total cost of educating your student. Thanks to support from the college's endowment and gifts from thousands of alumni, parents and friends of the college, the comprehensive fee paid by families is already reduced by approximately 16 percent per student. Be assured that the college continues to aggressively pursue philanthropic support from a wide variety of sources to augment the excellent educational experience for our students while limiting the financial burden for families.

Please know that the decision to increase our tuition and fees was made after extensive discussions on campus with representative students, faculty, administrators, support staff and trustees. In our continuing effort to allow families to plan for subsequent years, it should be noted that the increase to the comprehensive fee for the past eight years has remained between 3.43 and 3.68 percent. This year's increase is the lowest in eight years.

Commensurate with our commitment to access and affordability and our efforts to assist students and their families, the college will budget almost $53 million in financial aid for the 2017-18 academic year. This allocation of financial assistance reflects Dickinson's ongoing commitment to access and affordability and our desire to help more students with financial need in the coming years. It is important to remember that each financial aid case is assessed individually and that all students may not receive an increase in their need-based financial aid as a result of the tuition increase.

As you begin to plan for the next academic year, I encourage you to visit the Student Accounts Office website at www.dickinson.edu/studentaccounts. This site provides information about available payment methods, tuition payment plans, loans and tax benefits for education. Members of the student accounts team are also ready to help you and can be reached at 717-245-1953 or stuaccts@dickinson.edu.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Dickinson.


Neil Weissman
Interim President