February 16, 2018


Dear Dickinson Parents:

Dickinson's Board of Trustees recently approved the college's comprehensive fee schedule for the 2018-19 academic year.  The annual price for tuition, room, board and fees will increase by 3.28 percent, from $66,166 to $68,334. Please note that the percentage of this year's increase is lower than any over the past decade, and Dickinson's annual increases have been lower than the average increase of our peer institutions for nearly as long.  The specific amounts for each component of our comprehensive fee will be:

Tuition:        $54,186
Room:           $7,064
Board:           $6,634
Student fee:    $450
Total Fee:   $68,334

The college is always looking for ways to enhance the educational experience for our students while limiting the financial burden for families. But increasing our price is necessary in order to continue offering the highly competitive and personalized education you have come to expect of Dickinson. Keys to our educational model include:

  • Our continuing commitment to hiring and retaining exceptional faculty members.
  • Dedication to student-faculty interaction in small classes and collaboration on student-faculty research.
  • Our ongoing commitment to a useful liberal-arts education for the common good, offering students enriched opportunities for engagement outside the classroom and across the globe.
  • Continuing enhancement of career services to maintain high success rates in helping students go on to excellent graduate and professional schools and secure rewarding, meaningful jobs.

Commensurate with our commitment to access and affordability and our efforts to assist students and their families, the college will budget up to $57 million for financial aid in the 2018-19 year. This allocation of financial assistance represents Dickinson's ongoing and increased commitment to access and affordability. It is important to remember that each financial-aid case is assessed individually; therefore, the 2018-19 financial-aid budget does not mean that all students will receive an increase in their need-based aid.

As you begin to plan for the next academic year, I encourage you to visit the Student Accounts Office website at www.dickinson.edu/studentaccounts. This site provides information about available payment methods, tuition payment plans, loans and tax benefits for education. Members of the student accounts team are also ready to help you and can be reached at 717-245-1953 or stuaccts@dickinson.edu.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Dickinson and its vital mission.

Best wishes,

Margee M. Ensign