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Direct Deposit Information

Direct Deposit FAQ

Employee Reimbursement via Direct Deposit FAQs

Who do I contact regarding questions on direct deposit?

Accounts Payable direct deposit payment questions should be directed to the Financial Operations office at

How do I enroll?

Complete the Dickinson College Direct Deposit Authorization Form, sign it and send it to the Financial Operations Office. Once the information is entered, direct deposit will begin on the next check run

How will direct deposit for reimbursements work?

You will continue to submit your Dickinson College Expense Reimbursement Form in the same manner. If you have authorized Dickinson College to provide payment via direct deposit, reimbursements will be transmitted to your bank account electronically.   

How quickly should I expect to receive a reimbursement via direct deposit?

If requests for payment are received in the Accounts Payable office by noon on Tuesday, the payment will be deposited into your bank account on Friday. Keep in mind that direct deposit timing may be dependent on the time of day that the payment file is generated, when the file is released by Dickinson and the time when your bank collects the electronic payment data from the ACH system.

How will I know when the reimbursement payment has been deposited?

Dickinson will send an email message to inform you that a payment has been electronically direct deposited into your bank account. The following information will be included in the email notice: payment date, total amount paid and invoice number or description. If you have more than one reimbursement per payment, the message will list the invoice numbers or descriptions.

How do I select a different bank?

If you wish to select a different bank and/or account for your reimbursement, you will need to complete the Dickinson College Direct Deposit Authorization Form.  After the form is complete, return it to the Financial Operations Office.  Once the form is received, the change will take place for the following check run

Will my reimbursement payment be combined with my payroll payment and be subject to withholding taxes?

No, the two payments will continue to be processed separately; one through Accounts Payable and one through Payroll.  They will not be combined. Reimbursements through Accounts Payable are not subject to withholding taxes.

Can a reimbursement for an employee without deposit be processed the same as one with direct deposit?

Yes, the reimbursement will be processed the same. The employee should complete the Dickinson College Expense Reimbursement Form, have it approved, and submit it to Accounts Payable. An employee who does not have direct deposit will be paid via an Accounts Payable check and no email notification. An employee with direct deposit will have the payment electronically deposited to their bank account and will receive an email notification.