Lab Safety Videos

Title Organization Length Description
Lab Safety Academy Dow Chemical   Extensive series of videos covering nearly every aspect of laboratory safety.  Beta version.
Health & Safety Essentials RSC   (PDF Slides)


Experimenting with Danger CSB 0:24:05 The Chemical Safety Board review of academic safety issues, focusing on events at Texas Tech, Dartmouth, and UCLA. A fairly comprehensive overview of the safety challenges at university laboratories.
Introduction to Lab Safety Dartmouth


This introductory program covers essential topics on laboratory safety applicable to a wide range of laboratories. This course is a 2 hour flash audio and video presentation
To be (Safe) or not to be UCSD 0:08:47 UC-San Diego lab students demonstrate safe procedures, and provide straight-forward recommendations for safety in the laboratory. Good introductory-level video.
A day in the Lab (A PI's perspective) UCSD 0:09:09 Interaction between a PI and his students, with a focus on safe chemistry. A little more focus on some specific chemical reactions than other introductory videos.
FSU Chemistry Lab Safety Florida State University 0:06:52 Eccentric old professor reminisces about a particularly unsafe previous student. Amusing, but doesn't present a particularly believable set of scenarios.
Safety Elements in Medical Laboratory Practices US Department of Defense 0:20:28 DOD produced presentation focusing on medical/hospital lab safety. Good overview specific to laboratories dealing with potentially infectious materials, radiation, and chemical hazards. Straight narration with annoying background music.
Ultimate lab safety ? 0:07:07 A light-hearted look at some of the simple things that can go wrong in the laboratory.
Practicing safe science HHMI (LSI YouTube channel) 0:16:26  
Chemical hazards HHMI (LSI YouTube channel) 0:09:27  
Safety enforcer U Minnesota 0:02:00  
Science of dating U Minnesota 0:02:13  
Hazard assessment Iowa State 0:03:35  
Lab safety culture UCLA 0:01:32  
Lab safety promo U Minnesota 0:02:13  

Chemical Storage

Chemical storage hazards HHMI (LSI YouTube channel) 0:11:17  

Chemical Transportation

Moving chemicals through public areas (lesson learned) Cornell 0:03:07  
How to transport a chemical down the hall safely Cornell 0:00:41  

Skin Exposure & Effects

Skin exposures & effects Northwestern 0:03:51  

General Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Stay protected UCSD 0:01:05  
Outfit for safety UCSD 0:05:27  
PPE in the biological lab (lesson learned) Cornell 0:02:34  
Maintaining situational awareness and facial protection (lesson learned) Cornell 0:01:32  

Lab Coats

Importance of wearing a flame-resistant lab coat Northwestern 0:02:37 Effective demonstration of flammability of lab coats which are not flame resistant.
Lab coat and acid spill (lesson learned) Northwestern 0:04:29 Triflic acid
Why I wear a lab coat (lesson learned) UCSD 0:02:09 Trifluoracetic acid burn


I wish I wore my safety glasses UC Berkeley 0:02:08 Effective demonstration of the proper use of an eyewash station for a splash accident.
Splash zone UCSD 0:01:33 Short but effective demonstration on the value of wearing protective eyeware.
Safety in the academic chemistry laboratory- eye protection ACS - CCS 0:08:08 The ACS Committee on Chemical Safety narrated PowerPoint on eye protection. The graphics show the different coverages provided by various eyeware.
Be wise UCSD 0:01:00  


Using nitrile gloves in labs Keene State 0:04:02  
Gloves gone wild UC Berkeley 0:01:52 Where NOT to wear your laboratory gloves.
Anhydrous nitric acid makes glove burn Lu Le Laboratory 0:02:37 The first minute of this video shows the result of spilling nitric acid on a latex glove
Correctly removing PPE - gloves Iowa State 0:00:12  
What wrecks gloves Cornell 0:00:38  
Penetration, permeation, and degradation Northwestern 0:08:30 Just animation, no audio


Proper lab shoes UCLA 0:02:50  
Glassware washing hazards HHMI (LSI YouTube channel) 0:10:04  


Fire safety in the lab UCLA 0:12:03  

Fume Hoods & Biosafety Cabinets

Fume hood airflow and operation Labconco 0:03:18 Video focuses on airflow in a hood, proper placement of apparatus, and sash height.
Chemical fume hood animation Dartmouth 0:07:51 Animated overview of fundamental aspects of lab hood operation.
Proper use of a fume hood UC Berkeley 0:03:38 Brief but thorough review of safe operation of a laboratory hood.
Using a fume hood to protect yourself and others Cornell 0:10:30  
Difference between fume hoods and biosafety cabinets Cornell 0:04:29  
Biological safety cabinet: How it works to protect you Northwestern 0:05:17  


Autoclave safety animation NIH, Dartmouth 0:09:26 Presents a detailed animated review of safe operation of an autoclave to decontaminate potentially infectious materials.

Pressure Vessels

Lessons learned: Pressure vessels Northwestern 0:07:45  

Compressed Gases

Regulator installation Northwestern 0:02:40  
How can I use a gas cylinder safely? Cornell 0:01:46  

Liquid Nitrogen

Filling and maintenance of liquid nitrogen tanks Northwestern 0:16:54 Well done demonstration of proper connection and hazards associated with gas cylinder regulators.


Handling pyrophoric materials Northwestern & Dartmouth 0:21:06  
Pyrophoric liquid safety UCLA 0:11:06  

Alkali Metals

Alkali metals in water CS Chemists 0:02:21  

Flash Chromatography

Flash chromatography 101 UCSD 0:07:23 UCSB students discuss, plan and demonstrate safe flash chromatography techniques. Well produced.


Centrifuge safety HHMI (LSI YouTube channel) 0:08:26 It's a little dated (1995), but still the best video out there on safe centrifuge operation.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste management UCLA 0:11:10  
Triple rinsing containers Northwestern 0:03:16  
Ethanol plus nitric acid UIUC 0:03:38  
Nitric acid waste Northwestern 0:04:16 Mostly focuses on mixing with organics but also mentions aqua regia
Vented caps Northwestern 0:02:57  
Radioactive waste disposal & minimization Northwestern 0:07:31  


Cleaning up a small mercury spill UC Berkeley 0:05:13 Demonstration of how to clean up a very small mercury spill. Not practical for more than one broken thermometer, but thorough for that size spill.
Chemical spill cleanup - floor dry Iowa State 0:02:41  
Responding to incidental chemical spills Northwestern 0:05:07  
Responding to a biological spill Northwestern 0:04:44  
Responding to a radioactive materials spill Northwestern 0:06:22