Ergonomic Assessments

Individuals experiencing discomfort with their workstation or those wishing to have an ergonomic evaluation conducted should complete the Ergonomic Workstation Self-Assessment (below). These assessments consist of step-by-step instructions to evaluate your workstation and correct any issues using simple ergonomic fixes. If any outside assistance is required to incorporate the necessary changes, instructions are provided on who to contact within the self-assessment. Users should attempt to resolve any concerns on their own first unless otherwise instructed. The online assessment may provide information on the use of supplemental ergonomic devices such as keyboard trays, wrist rests, and document holders. Please note that these items should be purchased using departmental funds. 

Ergonomic Self-Assessment link



If any component of your workstation chair is broken or excessively worn, please submit a work order online or call Facilities Management at 717-245-1212. However, if you are unsatisfied with your chair or find it to be providing insufficient support or comfort, please complete the Ergonomic Workstation Self-Assessment. The assessment will cover several aspects of your chair to determine if it is no longer providing adequate support for your needs. If determined that a chair needs replacement, individuals will be eligible to have their chair replaced with a new ergonomic option. As part of the ergonomic assessment, any cost to the department is waived when choosing a standard option; however, if an employee selects a premium option, any residual cost will be charged to your department. An employee’s supervisor or Academic Chair must approve the purchase of a premium option.

The following chart highlights the four ergonomic chair options available through the ergonomic assessment process.  Full resolution version available here.


Standing Desks

Facilities Management does not routinely provide standing desks to those who request them. Please contact Human Resource Services and initiate the medical accommodation process whereby you would work with HRS and your physician to request a standing desk. If approved via this method, the Finance and Administration division will cover the cost of the unit.  If you choose not to pursue the medical accommodation process, you are welcome to purchase a desk of your choice using departmental (with permission of your supervisor or Academic Chair) or personal funds; however, we recommend doing so through the college's Design Technician to ensure a consistent product with the rest of campus.