Library & Information Services


The Library & Information Services (LIS) team continued to enhance Dickinson’s digital presence this year. And while these digital and technological enhancements are a critical focus of our teams, we also continue to emphasize personalized, face-to-face service in the library, the media center and beyond.

  • Six faculty members completed the eighth Willoughby Institute, a weeklong immersion in the application of technology in learning, teaching and research. In total, 68 faculty members have participated in this valuable collaborative opportunity and have implemented new tools and strategies in their classes.
  • Five members of our academic technology team attended the New Media Consortium conference and presented posters, “Dickinson Makes” and “Modding Games — Creating Historical Scenarios in Civ V.” They received two Judges Awards and a People’s Choice Award for their efforts.
  • The institutional repository Digital Scholar, managed by library staff and featuring an array of faculty and student scholarly work, now boasts more than 600 total papers available and more than 15,000 total downloads from around the world, making Dickinson scholarship accessible the world over.
  • The Dickinson Makes website was launched as a hub for all of the courses, locations and groups that support different areas of the maker movement. Read more at