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Spring 2021 COVID-19 Information

Spring 2021 COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Testing

The college is partnering with Everlywell to provide students with COVID-19 home test kits to complete 5 to 7 days before their planned return to campus. Everlywell’s PCR test involves a self-collected lower nasal swab and has been granted emergency use authorization by the FDA. Students will also have access to a secure patient portal for accessing information about their results.

All students residing in the United States who are planning to live on campus, as well as approved commuter students who are planning to attend one or more in-person classes and/or access campus facilities, will be required to complete pre-arrival testing before coming to campus. Anyone with a positive test will be asked to isolate at home and not come to campus until their isolation period is complete.

Special Instructions for Students Living Internationally

We are unable to ship test kits outside of the United States. Therefore, students living internationally will provided with an alternative form of testing upon arrival to campus.

Exceptions to Pre-Arrival Testing

Per CDC guidance, students who have had a documented positive COVID-19 test or diagnosis within 90 days of coming to campus will not complete pre-arrival testing. For persons previously diagnosed with COVID-19 who remain asymptomatic after recovery, retesting is not recommended within three months after the date of their initial symptom onset (or their positive test result if asymptomatic).

Any student who falls into this category should complete this form and will be asked to send documentation of their prior COVID-19 diagnosis to the Wellness Center. Students can request a visit note, lab report or verification form from the healthcare provider or pharmacy that administered their COVID test. This information can be sent to the Wellness Center by email (, fax (717-245-1938), or through the mail at:

Dickinson College Wellness Center
PO Box 1773
Carlisle, PA 17013-2896

The documentation also can be uploaded to their Wellness Center Patient Portal at