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Dickinson College updates on Spring 2021

Week of April 12, 2021

Student Vaccination Clinic Scheduled

Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2021

To the Dickinson community:

I am pleased to announce that students will be able to receive vaccinations while still on campus and can sign up for a vaccination clinic to be held in ATS on Friday, April 16, beginning at noon. This is a valuable opportunity, and space is limited. Pfizer vaccinations are being provided by UPMC Pinnacle and are available only to Dickinson students.

This clinic is happening now because Pennsylvania just announced that all adults are eligible for the vaccine, so we moved quickly to establish an on-campus option.

Interested students should sign up for appointments through UPMC here. When signing up on this site students will need to:

  • Create an account to begin the process.
  • Choose the Central Pa Region when selecting the geographical area, then scroll down to UPMC Carlisle @ Dickinson College to schedule into the correct clinic.
  • Provide demographic information, answer required screening questions
  • Schedule the appointment

Students should keep in mind that they also will need to be present to receive the second dose of the vaccine on Friday, May 7, which is the last day of classes prior to the exam period. If you sign up and do not see any openings, please check the next morning at 8 a.m., as UPMC Pinnacle will add appointments in response to demand. Students will need to bring a driver's license or other state issued ID to their appointment. Those who do not have this form of identification will be permitted to use their Dickinson ID.

While UPMC will be providing the medical personnel for the clinic, we will need other students, faculty and staff to volunteer to help with non-medical aspects, such as checking students in and helping to monitor students after they have received the vaccine. If you are interested in assisting, please complete this form through UPMC. Training will be provided the day of the clinic.

We have not yet made a decision about whether we will require the vaccine for students in the fall, but we are strongly considering doing so. However, participation in this clinic is voluntary.

COVID-19 Testing Paused for Friday

As a result of this development, we will be suspending COVID-19 testing on Friday. We will reach out to those who are scheduled with alternative plans later this week.

We are fortunate to have this opportunity on campus and I encourage students to take advantage of this clinic and get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.


Margee M. Ensign


Weekly Covid-19 Update

Sent: April 16, 2021

To the Dickinson community:

As I send this message, about 200 students are about to receive their first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on campus. I thank Debra Hargrove, associate vice president of Human Resources Services, and Don Domenici, executive director of the Wellness Center, who worked tirelessly with the UPMC Pinnacle Health System to bring this vaccination clinic on campus. As you may know, all adults are now eligible to be vaccinated, and I continue to strongly encourage every member of our community to do so as soon as possible. Resources on scheduling appointments can be found below.

For any students who were unable to take advantage of the on-campus vaccine clinic and still would like to get vaccinated, Quality Care is scheduling off-campus appointments for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, April 19, and Wednesday, April 21, of next week. Please note that the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine must be administered 21 days after the first dose. Therefore, you should only schedule an appointment next week if you have already contacted Residence Life & Housing about needing to be on campus during the week of finals.

To schedule, visit Instructions for the vaccine registration process are as follows: click on the link, select the Cumberland County Vaccination Site, click on the appointment time and complete the form. The process also includes two links at the end of scheduling that prompt you to print and complete health forms to bring along to your appointment.

Please continue to remain vigilant about health and safety protocols on campus. Wear masks, avoid crowds, keep physically distant from others and wash your hands frequently. Now is not the time to let down your guard.

Vaccination availability

During our weekly Carlisle Community Action Network (CAN) call yesterday, health care providers shared that we have an abundance of open vaccine appointments in our area. The large vaccination site at the former K-Mart building, established through a partnership with Cumberland County and Quality Care Pharmacy, has many openings. You can schedule online or by calling 717-918-9880.

Vaccinations can be scheduled with UPMC on their website. The state's website has more details on the vaccination effort, including a page that will let you know other locations where vaccines are available.

While we have not made a final decision, we are strongly considering making vaccines required for the fall.

Next semester

I am optimistic that we will be in-person next semester barring any unforeseen turn in the pandemic. During yesterday's CAN call, we also received very positive news that about a third of Cumberland County residents were at least partially vaccinated, meaning that they had received at least one dose of the two-dose vaccine protocol. Also, the positivity rate for the county has decreased slightly from last week, and at 5.2% is significantly lower than the 9.5% state positivity rate.

Young people are now being most impacted by the COVID-19 virus, so please continue to carefully follow all health and safety guidelines so that we may finish the rest of the semester strong.

Working together and making decisions that protect our community, we have successfully navigated this challenging time. I am proud of our students, faculty and staff who have shown tremendous resilience. Thank you and continue to stay safe.


Margee M. Ensign