Recent Senior Theses

* denotes theses that were awarded honors


  • Madison Mehlman: Coming Up for Air: Motherhood in the Age of the Coronavirus Pandemic


  • Sierra Climaco: The (In)Convenient Truth: Exploring Waidner-Spahr Library as a Repository for Books, Scholars & whiteness
  • Ethan Mayer-Rich: Resettlement and Resistance: A Critique of Classification and Social Domination Using Refugee and Host-Community Oral Histories
  • Alana Richards: The Body as Enemy: Patriarchy and Women’s Acts of Gender Violence


  • Sarah Campbell: The Silencing of Anita Hill and Dr. Blasey Ford: An Examination of Gender-Specific Language Styles In Cases of Sexual Misconduct
  • Selena Gould: The Genocide that Everyone Should Have Seen Coming, How the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis Extends Colonial Forces of Domination and Consent
  • Megan McBride: #MeToo Means Who?: Shining a Light on the Darkness A Rhetorical Analysis of Inclusivity and Exclusivity Within the #MeToo Movement


  • Seto Olayomi: Negotiation of Self-Identity for Women of Color at Predominantly White Institutions
  • Jessica Smith: Corruption as Status Quo: The US Justice System is Working Just Fine
  • Aleksandra Syniec: "Where are you really from?" Contextualizing Distance between Polish Immigrant Parents and Their Frist Generation American Students


  • Isaiah Gibson: The Prison, the Man, and Society's Unwillingness to Forgive
  • Jessica Lizardo: No Longer Silenced: The Experiences of Students of Haitian Descent in the Dominican Republic's Educational System
  • Elizabeth Lowe: The Art of Collaboration: Improved Learning through Interdisciplinary Experiences
  • Chloe Morakis: Inside Jobs: How Corrections Officers and Prison Support Staff Interpret their Work
  • Paul-Anne Robb: The Same Old Song: Political Speech in Black Music during the Black Lives Matter Era


  • Sean Deveney:  Messages from the Underground: An Analysis of Album Covers and Skate Videos from the Punk Rock and Skateboarding Subcultures
  • Julie Foong:  Adjusting to the Second Home: Transnational Migration of Filipino Women to Singapore
  • Kimani Keaton:  Oppression and Empowerment: How Black Millennial Women Navigate the Gray Area in Contemporary Mainstream Gangsta Rap
  • Michele Metcalf:  Managing Microaggressions: The Effects of Raced and Gendered MicroAggressions on Black Student Experience at Dickinson College
  • *Sara Tyberg:  Entitlement and Anguish: An Analysis of Masculinity and Misogyny in American School Shootings