Departmental honors in mathematics

Recent recipients of departmental honors

Year Student  Title of Thesis  Advisor 
2020 None    


Mengting Chao Dynamics of the Taylor Series Approximation of the Dixon Elliptic Functions Lorelei Koss
2019 Moyi Tian Maypole Braids: An Analysis Using the Annular Braid Group Dave Richeson
2018 None    
2017 None    
2016 None    
2015 Marc Besson Generalized Symmetric Spaces of the Modular Group Mm(2) Jennifer Schaefer
2015 Katie Roy Dynamics of the Real Weierstrass Elliptic Function Lorelei Koss
2014 Simon Feeman Dynamics of a Family of Eighth-Degree Complex Polynomials Lorelei Koss
2014 Kathryn Schlechtweg On the Generalized Symmetric Spaces of the Semidihedral Groups Jennifer Schaefer
2013 Yujia Zhou Classification of symbolic dynamics for one-dimensional dynamical systems with overlapping regions Dave Richeson
2012 Haosong Wang Dynamics of the Complex Hyperbolic Cosine-Root Family Lorelei Koss
2011    Fabio Drucker     Symbolic Dynamics with Overlapping Partitions and Cocyclic Subshifts     Dave Richeson
2011 Thanh To Mathematical Techniques for Assigning First Year Seminars Dick Forrester
2009 Ritwik Niyogi Dynamical Effects of Non-Linearities and Time-Varying Gain Modulation in Neurally Plausible Network Models of Perceptual Decision-Making John MacCormick
2008 Christian Millichap Topology of Discretized Configuration Spaces Dave Richeson
2007 Paul Winkler Circle Maps Dave Richeson
2007 Jared Lease Coefficient Shifting to Improve Glover's Linearization of the Heaviest k-Subgraph Problem Dick Forrester
2007 Jeff Goldsmith Dynamics of the Derivative of the Weierstrass Elliptic Function Lorelei Koss
2005 Angelo Polo p-Groups and Nilpotency Vonn Walter
2004 Theresa Sparacio Periodic Trajectories in Triangular Billiards: Methods of Construction Dave Richeson
2003 Elizabeth Bouzarth A Link Between Mathematics and Physics: A Study of Knot Theory and Magnetic Field Line Reconnection Dave Richeson