Sharaldine Francisco

Sharaldine Francisco

Hometown: New York City
Major(s): history; Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies
Scholarship: Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA)

Sharaldine will move to Madrid, Spain, where she will teach English in a secondary school for a year. In addition to her teaching, Sharaldine will play a leading role in preparing students for the Global Classrooms Model United Nations (MUN) Program, in which they will participate in eliminatory conferences, a final conference in Spain and ultimately, the UNA-USA Model UN Conference at the UN Headquarters in New York City.
Campus Activities and Engagement: Department Majors Committee; Relay for Life; YWCA Homework Help; Sigma Lambda Gamma; Wheel & Chain; Latin American Club

Internship Experiences:Sharaldine says she has been heavily involved with Global Classrooms since she was in high school, particularly with the organization of the International Model UN Conferences at the UN Headquarters in New York City.

How has Dickinson prepared Sharaldine for Life Beyond the Limestone? “Dickinson has definitely been a space in which I've felt comfortable enough to be pushed out of my comfort zone,” she explains. “At Dickinson, I've been provided with so many opportunities that I never thought possible. I've learned to stop doubting myself and to actually go for these opportunities. One of the most rewarding aspects about my experience at Dickinson has been my professors—these individuals who challenged me are the same ones who supported me the most.”

What are some of the defining moments of Sharaldine’s Dickinson experience? “The most defining moment of my Dickinson experience is joining Sigma Lambda Gamma (SLG) my first year. SLG is Dickinson's only multicultural sorority, and ever since joining, I've grown more and more out of my shell. SLG gave me a platform to address issues that I hold very close to me and to constantly learn from others. Having been Vice President and President of the sorority has pushed me to become a leader when I least thought that I did not have the potential to be one. Thanks to my experiences in SLG and other student groups on campus such as the Latin American and Caribbean Club and lastly, as a member of the Wheel & Chain, I have created friendships and memories that I will cherish forever,” she says.
Desmond Carpenter

Desmond Carpenter

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Major(s): East Asian studies
Scholarship: Huayu Enrichment Scholarship

Desmond has received a Huayu Enrichment Scholarship, a competitive international scholarship for the study of Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan. He will live in Taipei for his studies.
Campus Activities and Engagement: Club Lacrosse; Martial Arts Club; Rock Wall; Sports Club Council; Ultimate Frisbee; Asian Pacific Association; Language Tables; Student Teaching; Hypnotic Dance Group; Swing Dance Club; WDCV-FM

Internship Experiences: Intern, Green Earth Volunteers, Beijing

How has Dickinson prepared Desmond for Life Beyond the Limestone? “I've created networks of friends, colleagues and professors that will be important for work and social life after school,” Desmond says. “I have had to learn much more intense methods of time management. Being involved in clubs and teams, especially when taking on a leadership role, requires organizational skills, patience and people skills.”

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Hardison

Hometown: Bainbridge, N.Y.
Major(s): English
Scholarship: Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA)

Lizzy has received a prestigious Fulbright ETA. She will teach English in Indonesia. Before she departs, Lizzy is interning for the Harrisburg Patriot-News, where she will write breaking news and enterprise stories.
Campus Activities and Engagement: The Norman M. Eberly Multilingual Writing Center; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dickinsonian

Internship Experiences: Dana Research Assistant, Dickinson College Department of English; Editorial Intern, 310 Publishing; Intern,, Editorial Intern, Chelsea Green Publishing; Freelance Reporter, The Carlisle Sentinel

How has Dickinson prepared Lizzy for Life Beyond the Limestone? “I think that the most important skill Dickinson gives its students is the ability to pose questions, identify problems and apply practical skills (such as research and writing) to respond to them,” she says. “In short, Dickinson has taught me how to teach myself anything. This will be valuable as I enter the workforce, but also makes me confident that I can be a useful, engaged member of a community, no matter where I land after graduation.”

What are some of the defining moments of Lizzy’s Dickinson experience? “So many experiences ‘define’ my Dickinson education: In the classroom, they include conquering Ulysses with Professor of English Wendy Moffat, studying modern poetry with Associate Professor of English Siobhan Phillips, and reading Paradise Lost with Professor of English Carol Ann Johnston,” she says. “Outside of the classroom, I'm most grateful for the close relationships I've built with professors. Our faculty's willingness to mentor and advise undergraduates distinguishes Dickinson from other similar schools. Finally, one of the highlights of my senior year was helping lead The Dickinsonian. My co-editor and I were fortunate to work with a dedicated, talented staff of underclassmen to cover news during a particularly eventful year on campus. We participated in the intellectual and social life of the college in a way that The Dickinsonian never has before, and I'm proud of the legacy we're leaving for the organization in years to come.”
Rachel Schilling

Rachel Schilling

Hometown: Byram Township, N.J.
Major(s): English; German
Scholarship: Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA)

Rachel has received a prestigious Fulbright ETA. She will teach English in Germany.
Campus Activities and Engagement: Belles Lettres Society; College Orchestra; Department Intern/Assistant; Dickinson Improv and Collaborative Ensemble; German Club; The Norman M. Eberly Multilingual Writing Center; Tritons; Alpha Lambda Delta; Quidditch Club; Sports Club Council; Language Tables; Student Worker

Internship Experiences: Intern, International Heiner Müller Society, Bremen and Berlin, Germany; Intern, Center for American Progress, Washington

How has Dickinson prepared Rachel for Life Beyond the Limestone? “Dickinson has prepared me for life beyond the limestone most obviously through providing me opportunities for different grants and programs,” Rachel says. “I received a Student International Research Fund grant and a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship. I also participated in the Dickinson-Bremen study abroad program. I wouldn't have been able to participate in any of these opportunities without the support of my advisers and professors.”

What are some of the defining moments of Rachel’s Dickinson experience? “It is hard to narrow them down,” Rachel says. “Leading and building the college’s first Quidditch Club has been one of my favorite activities over the last four years. Throughout my senior year I have loved going through the whole process of writing two theses. Although it has been difficult and stressful, I love going into workshop with my German professor and my fellow English seniors and working together to make some amazing pieces of writing. My research trip throughout Germany was also an extremely amazing experience. I gained so much knowledge, independence and confidence on that short trip around the German state of Hessen.”

What is Rachel most anticipating about her post-graduation plans? “I am overwhelmingly excited to live in new places and finally enter the field of nonprofits,” Rachel says. “I am hoping to spend a few years working in nonprofits focusing on children's education and welfare before getting a master's degree in nonprofit administration.”
Ezra Sassaman

Ezra Sassaman

Hometown: Bar Harbor, Maine
Major(s): German
Scholarship: Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA)

Ezra is the recipient of a Fulbright ETA and will be helping students in a high school in Hessen, Germany, learn English while also serving as an ambassador of American culture abroad.
Campus Activities and Engagement: German Club; The Norman M. Eberly Multilingual Writing Center; Tutor; Tritons; Alpha Lambda Delta; Language Tables; Feminist Collective; D-Tones; Gaming Club; The Square; Quidditch Club

How has Dickinson prepared Ezra for Life Beyond the Limestone? “Academically, I have been able to enjoy a wide range of classes while focusing on German (major) and philosophy (minor). I have taken everything from American Capitalism and Social Justice to Asian Urban Ecology; Geology to Screenwriting. Outside of the class, I have been active musically in an A capella group (go D-Tones!) and on the Quidditch team. These diverse experiences made it possible for me to engage with a full spectrum of people and activities and enjoy many different aspects of what life has to offer. And Dickinson made all this possible! Finally, I would like to thank Dickinson for giving me the supportive community to pursue and receive the Fulbright award. German faculty members, the writing center and my group of friends all helped me with the application, and I am extremely grateful for their support!”

What are some of the defining moments of Ezra’s Dickinson experience? “Some of my favorite moments at Dickinson came during my time in philosophy classes,” Ezra says. “I began my experience with ‘Intro to Philosophy’ in my first semester and never looked back! I was already halfway to the minor by the end of my first year. In the philosophy classroom, students and teachers engage together to give many points of view an honest and fair treatment. My favorite part of philosophy involves examining arguments in their best light instead of using disingenuous tactics to support one worldview and disparage others' opinions. Philosophy has helped me employ this same openness in my everyday life and made it easier for me to give every person's ideas a fair chance instead of coming into a conversation with the firm conviction that I am right and the other person is wrong.”