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Religious and Spiritual Communities

The Center for Spirituality and Social Justice provides support for students during a time when they are exploring their thoughts on life’s meaning, living in a community of pluralism and religious beliefs. CSSJ provides spaces for students to learn about other faith traditions, question and articulate hopes, decisions and meaning. Working with many partners on campus and in the community, CSSJ is a resource for students (both individually and within groups) to delve into one’s religious tradition, practice new religious traditions and support leaders of religious groups.

The center has three main objectives, in religious life:

  1. Create opportunities for exploring meaning and purpose
    CSSJ aims to give all students, religious or nonreligious, an opportunity to explore life’s bigger questions. The center provides programming for meaningful discussion about existential, moral, spiritual and other topics. The center also provides meditative opportunities, which allow participants to more fully explore themselves. Learn more about the center’s meaning-making opportunities.
  2. Encourage interfaith cooperation and understanding
    Understanding other religious traditions is essential to a supportive campus experience. CSSJ aims to increase religious literacy on campus and to promote cooperation between students from various backgrounds. Learn more about interfaith opportunities at Dickinson.
  3. Support students from all religious backgrounds
    Students at Dickinson College come from many religious backgrounds. CSSJ works hard to help each student find a religious community and to accommodate that student's religious needs. The center works both with individuals and with student faith-based organizations. Learn more about how we help students and student organizations.

The Center for Spirituality and Social Justice plays an active role on campus to achieve these three goals. We hope that you will join us for programs and take advantage of our resources. We welcome conversations with students (religious and non-religious) interested in exploring faith traditions. To learn more about what we did last year, see our 2019-2020 Year in Review.

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