None of the work that CSSS does would be possible without the efforts and ideas of our amazing student staff. Meet the 2018-19 CSSS Student Staff below!


Yuer Zhang '19

Position: CommServ Program Coordinator
Other activities on campus: 
Favorite hobbies/interests: 
After-college plans: 

Aly Fosbury '21
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Position: CommServ Program Coordinator
Goals: Encourage more students to engage in the Carlisle community on a weekly basis
Other activities on campus: Life and Style Editor of the Dickinsonian, Delta Nu, Vice President of Club Volleyball, First-Year Mentor, Big Brother Big Sister Member
Favorite hobbies/interests: Aly loves to travel and hopes to study abroad in South America or in England!
After-college plans: Volunteer for the Peace Corps and pursue a masters degree

Day of Service

Katy Dechert Harrison '19
Hometown: Oak Park, IL
Position: Day of Service Coordinator
Goals: Engage as many students as possilbe in community service and reach those who don't typically participate in service
Other activities on campus: Senior Leadership Institute, Order of Omega, Kappa Alpha Theta, First-Year Mentor
Favorite hobbies/interests: Kayaking, hiking, yoga
After-college plans: Pursue a higher degree in either soicology or public policy!

Jalee Lopez '21
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Position: Day of Service Coordinator
Goals: Engaging the Dickinson community and helping them develop new interests in service
Other activities on campus: Montgomery Service Leaders, Latina Discussion Group, Social Justice Peer Educator, Dog House
Favorite hobbies/interests: Hiking, traveling, going on picnics
After-college plans: Attend grad school and/or pursue research work!

Cailey Cummins '20 (Spring 2019)

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Position: Day of Service Coordinator
Goals: To connect students to organizations and causes they can be passionate about
Other activities on campus: Liberty Caps, Greek Life, Outing Club, Club Soccer
Favorite hobbies/interests: She loves to hang out outside with friends
After-college plans: Work for a non-profit

Justice Served

Mihir Pyakuryal '19
Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
Position: Justice Served Coordinator
Goals: Create meaningful discussion among the Dickinson community members 
Other activities on campus: Service Trip Leader, Library Supervisor, Club Soccer, Outing Club
Favorite hobbies/interests: Kayak, hike, play soccer, and watch TV
After-college plans: Research for a year and attend grad school to study psyhcology!

Rebecca Agababian '21
Hometown: Weston, CT
Position: Justice Is Served Coordinator
Goals: Introduce new social justice issues to students who have not previously engaged in such oppurtunities 
Other activities on campus: The Dickinsonian, Spanish Club, and Kappa Alpha Theta
Favorite hobbies/interests: Trying new foods
After-college plans: Continue to learn!

Montgomery Service Leaders

Sophie Hass-Goldberg '19
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA
Position: Montgomery Service Leader Intern
Goals: Engage students in teh Carlisle community and facilitate an enviornment where students can grow
Other activities on campus: First-Year Mentor, International Studies Major Committee, Global Economics TA
Favorite hobbies/interests: Going to the beach, hiking and hanging out with friends
After-college plans: Work at a multilateral organization or go abroad for a few years! 


Julida Huddy '19
Hometown: Newtown, PA
Position: Montgomery Service Leader Intern
Goals: Spend time doing service with MSL and increase the visibility of the program on campus
Other activities on campus: MOB, Physics Club, Physics TA, QR Center Tutor, Physics Majors Committee, First-Year Mentor
Favorite hobbies/interests: Bake, read, watch movies
After-college plans: Pursue a PhD in Applied Physics!

Service Trips

Janayia Banks '19
Hometown: Queens, NY
Position: Service Trip Program Coordinator
Goals: Increase awareness of Service Trips
Other activities on campus: V.P Black Student Union, Writing Tutor, Writing Associate, MOB Special Events Chair, Africana Studeies Intern, B.E.R.T Student Representative
Favorite hobbies/interests: Hanging out with friends
After-college plans: Consultant at Deloitte!

Olivia Lyman '19
Olivia Lyman Justice Is Served
Position: Service Trip Program Coordinator
Other activities on campus: 
Favorite hobbies/interests:  
After-college plans:

Religious Life

Sara Cochran '19
Hometown: Leonardtown, MD
Position: Religious Life Student Leader
Goals: Include more departments and students in programming
Other activities on campus: Dickinson Christian Fellowship, Eco Reps, Service Trip Leader
Favorite hobbies/interests: Cook, bake, spend time with friends
After-college plans: Work in Eldery Care!
Mychal Herber '19
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Position: Religious Life Student Leader 
Goals: I hope to raise more awareness about the different faith traditions practiced in our campus community and to continue building bridges between our office and the various faith groups on campus. 
Other activities on campus: Asbell Center for Jewish Life, Hillel, Political Science Majors Committee 
Favorite hobbies/interests: Reading, listening to music, travelling and cheering on her favorite sports teams
After-college plans: Either working for an NGO focused on American political issues or Jewish causes, or in the realm of international relations! 
Geoffery Cole '20
Hometown: Newtown, MA
Position: Religious Life Student Leader
Goals: Continue to bridge the gap between various groups in our increasingly divided world
Other activities on campus: Jewish Life, History Department
Favorite hobbies/interests: Golf, play drums, travel
After-college plans: Pursue a masters degree!

Soban Ali '21
Hometown: Islamabad, Pakistan
Position: Religious Life Student Leader
Goals: Arrange and promote interfatih and intercultural immersion on campus
Other activities on campus: Math and Computer Science Club and E-bike project, Director of US Chapter for Bondh E Shams
Favorite hobbies/interests: Volleyball
After-college plans: Plan to work in banking/financial industry and leading Bondh E Shams

Aidan Birth '21
Hometown: Queens, NY
Position: Religious Life Student Leader
Goals: Learn more about other faith traditions and see how they contribute to the cultural diversity of the campus
Other activities on campus: Dickinson Catholic Campus Ministry, Dickinson Christian Fellowship, Montgomery Service Leaders, Interfaith House
Favorite hobbies/interests: Watch motor sports, explore neighborhoods in New York City, hang out with friends. 
After-college plans: Possibly a Catholic Priest, a high school teacher, college professor, or non-profit social worker!

Maryam Khalil '21
Hometown: Pakistan 
Position: Religious Life Student Leader
Goals: I believe we have a great deal to learn from one another which can enrich us without undermining our own identities. Together, listening and responding with openness and respect, we can move forward to work in ways that acknowledge genuine differences but build on shared hopes and values.
Other activities on campus: Global ambassador, Service Trip leader, (W.I.N.D) We Introduce Nations at Dickinson, MECA
Favorite hobbies/interests: Soccer, reading, coin collecting, traveling, spending time with friends and family.
After-college plans: Pursue higher education in a graduate school in Europe and travel the world!


Kayla Burke-Ozuna '21
Position: Media Coordinator 
Other activities on campus: 
Favorite hobbies/interests: 
After-college plans:

Clearances Coordinator/Offices Assistant

Alondra Alvarez Juarez '20
Hometown: Round Lake, IL
Position: Clearances Coordinator/Office Assistant
Goals: Get everyone cleared for service so we can have as many people involved in CS3 programs
Other activities on campus: Kappa Alpha Theta, Schuur Scholarship Program, Salvation Army Kids Program Volunteer, Booksotre and DDen Worker
Favorite hobbies/interests: Cook, explore new places, craft, and volunteer
After college plans: Law school is the goal, I'd like to be an immigration attorney and then possibly go into teaching law or political science!

Aya Salim '20
Hometown: Cario, Egypt
Position: Clearances Coordinator/Office Assistant 
Goals: Hopes to get everyone cleared so they can get involved as soon as possible
Other activities on campus: Kappa Alpha Theta, Research Assistant, CommServ Coordinator for Salvation Army Kids Program
Favorite hobbies/interests: Listen to music and dance, and watch TV
After college plans: I hope to go to grad school and learn more about working with children!