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All College Committee on Planning and Budget


  • It shall advise the President of the College on major issues of institutional policy and planning. 
  • It shall regularly monitor and make recommendations on all policies and programs affecting the generation and application of the College’s financial resources. It shall examine incomes and expenditures experienced in past budgets and make recommendations for projected budgets. 
  • It shall communicate regularly with other committees of the College, and especially with the Faculty Meeting, as well as with the various campus constituencies, informing itself regarding their concerns and informing them with respect to the topics it is exploring and the recommendations it is formulating. 

Composition 2023-2024

  • John Henson (Biology) CHAIR
  • Holley Friedlander (Mathematics)
  • Siobhan Phillips (English)
  • Andy Wolff (Political Science and International Studies)
  • Amalia Pesantes Villa (Anthropology)
  • Provost and Dean of the College: Renee Cramer*
  • Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer: Tony Boston*
  • Co Interim Deans for Enrollment Management: Molly Boegel and Greg Moyer*
  • CIO/VP Information Systems/Enterprise Systems: Jill Forrester*
  • Vice President for Human Resources Services: Debra Hargrove*
  • Vice President for Advancement: Carlo Robustelli*
  • Vice President and Dean of Student Life: George Stroud*
  • Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO: David Walker*
  • Chief of Staff and Secretary of the College: Karen Faryniak (without vote)
  • Associate Vice President for Financial Operations and Controller: Sean Witte (without vote)
  • Director of Budget and Grants Management: Stacey Mackes (without vote)
  • Associate Provost & Executive Director, Center for Global Study and Engagement: Samantha Brandauer (without vote)
  • Staff Representatives: Laura Weber and Janice Wiss (one vote between them)*
  • Students: Katarina Swendrowski ‘24 - Student Senate President (without vote) Fall only, Katie Cook ’26 - Student Senator (with vote) Fall and Spring, Elena Vergara '25 - Student Senator (with vote) Fall only, Lia Jefferson '27 Spring only, Dalton Surico '27 Spring only
  • Mary Silva - Minute taker (without vote)

*Only four administrators and one staff representative will have voting privileges at any one time.


Space Planning Subcommittee Members
2023 - 2024

  • Jen Blyth Faculty - (Division I)
  • Catrina Hamilton-Drager - Provost Office
  • Rachel Jacobs - Faculty (Division II)
  • Sharon Kingston - Faculty (Division III)
  • Siobhan Phillips - Faculty – P&B Representative
  • Connie McNamara - Presidents Office
  • Greg Moyer - Enrollment Management
  • Tara Renault - Advancement
  • Kevin Truman - LIS
  • David Walker - Finance & Administration
  • Dottie Warner - Conferences & Special Events

Resource Members: (no vote)

  • Angie Harris - Student Life
  • Kristen Kostecky - Finance and Administration
  • Lauren Lasater - Finance and Administration
  • Ken Shultes - CHAIR, Finance and Administration