Stories Featuring President John E. Jones III ’77, P’11.



Clarence Thomas Secretly Participated in Koch Network Donor Events

"What you’re seeing is a slow creep toward unethical behavior. Do it if you can get away with it."


Dickinson College students show up on National Voter Registration Day

"If you feel passionately about it, the way that you can deal with that is vote. Elections mean something."


Pennsylvania Supreme Court hears major challenge to states Firearm Preemption Law

"The countervailing argument is that the state has an interest in uniformity of its gun laws."


Central Pennsylvania remembers the lives lost in the Sept. 11 attacks

"I think it’s really important that we all mark the day respectfully and profoundly."

This Week In Pennsylvania

John Jones on the 14th Amendment

"I don’t think the Supreme Court would touch it and certainly if it gets there they’re not going to do it."

The Philadelphia Inquirer

As colleges look for new ways to ensure diversity, they debate the merits of ‘legacy’ admissions

"We don’t put our finger on the scale, we measure them the same way we measure everybody else."

PennLive/The Patriot-News

Here’s why Pa. and some of its Trump supporters are named in the Georgia indictment

"It shows a pattern, a practice, a scheme... It’s the story of a criminal enterprise."


Dickinson College president says GOP out of line for assailing DOJ over Trump indictment

"It is outrageous to me that before the prosecutor even has the opportunity to present his case, that Republicans are standing up and not only claiming that this is a witch hunt and a persecution, but also that we’ve weaponized somehow the Department of Justice."


Pennsylvania’s connections to Donald Trump’s Jan. 6 indictment

"This is really serious stuff"


Here’s why a Supreme Court ruling might have delivered a fatal blow to key election conspiracy theory

"Now, you won’t have a legislature in effect, based on thin or non-existent evidence, trying to thwart the will of the popular vote in a particular state."

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Code of conduct

"As a former member and strong supporter of our federal judiciary, I urge the court to enact strong and viable rules that govern its members’ conduct."


Biden announces new plan for student loan debt forgiveness

"The takeaway today is that the court said that’s just way too far a reach without a direct congressional mandate."


SCOTUS rules in favor of Lancaster County man’s religious freedom case

"The court said today, just because you have to pay some overtime or because it is a little harder to get people to work, that’s not enough for you to deny the accommodation."


Central Pennsylvania colleges react to Supreme Court overturning Affirmative Action

"The Chief Justice says the Equal Clause [of the Constitution] is colorblind and there are no reasons to continue to give favor to an applicant simply because of their race."


Dickinson College president reacts to SCOTUS affirmative action ruling

"We're going to have to get a little bit more creative going forward to enroll as diverse a class as possible."

The Philadelphia Inquirer

What Philly-area schools are saying about the SCOTUS ruling to end race-based admissions in colleges

"It could lead to additional litigation. But I don't think that's a reason not to try it."

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Supreme Court has ruled to end race-based admissions in colleges. This is what Philly-area schools are saying.

"Dickinson is very devoted to diversity and I think we lose something if … we can’t enroll as diverse a class as possible."

The Philadelphia Citizen

Why Should We Care About Moore v. Harper — And Independent State Legislature Doctrine?

"Given the supermajority on the Supreme Court, this ruling takes the independent state legislature theory off the table for 2024."

I am going to give Judge Cannon a chance

"Judge Cannon is no doubt acutely aware that the eyes of the world are on her, and that she needs to preside over this momentous case carefully and well."

Talking Points Memo

How Trump Already Duped The Judge In The MAL Case

"Anyone who represents the former President knows there are a number of things that could happen to them, none of them good."


Former GOP Federal Judge Weighs In on Trump Indictment

"This is a serious set of crimes that if the government proves any substantial part of its case, he’s in jeopardy of going to prison."

WGAL's In Focus

WGAL 8 In Focus: Mifepristone Decision

"I think it's important to recognize that this could involve any drug. It could be a drug that has nothing to do with abortion."


Will Pennsylvania see an effect with Title 42 expiring?

"The system is overloaded and it’s enormously complex, and we lack the political will in the US to fix this. "

National Law Journal

Mandatory Retirement? Cognitive Assessments? Probe Into Judge's Fitness Spurs Debate Over Life Tenure

"I think that Judge Newman’s case is going to be emblematic of the fact that this is a very imperfect process."


Texas Abortion Pill Ruling: What's Next?

"It’s going to go to the Supreme Court and I would say this is much more technical probably then people recognize."

City & State PA

Former Gov. Corbett Calls for 'Hyper-Localized' Dialogue on Democracy, Civics

"A response is needed to combat disinformation from spreading in future elections."

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pennsylvania Targeted for Voter Education Efforts by Bipartisan Advocacy Group

"We’re simply trying to lay it out there... for people who are being fed a lot of misinformation."


How Charges Against Trump Could Affect 2024 Presidential Election

"There are those who will accept his narrative that he’s being persecuted and not prosecuted and he’ll probably use it as a fundraising tool."

Religion News Service

Church-State Separationist Barry Lynn Recounts His Legal Arguments in New Memoirs

"Jones wrote the most spectacular, detailed explanation of why it was unconstitutional to present creationism like this as if it was an alternative to science."


Dickinson College Hosts Panel on Democracy, Election Process

"Citizens look to leaders to influence their beliefs and behavior. And I think we’ve reached a really dark and dangerous place."

The New York Hush Money Case May Be the Least of Trump's Legal Problems

"To me, based on the way it is shaping up, it is a dead bang obstruction of justice case."

The Good News Network

Watch Heartwarming Reaction When Ukrainian Students Get Shocking News They Won Full College Scholarship in U.S.

"We are excited to meet and learn from our new Ukrainian students, who will help us build a more interesting and engaging campus community."

WHTM's Good Day PA

Dickinson College Offers Scholarships to Ukrainian Students

"Thanks to Sam’s incredible generosity, we are able to offer these students a world-class education away from the war in Ukraine."

The Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Dickinson Alum Undwrites Scholarship for 5 Ukrainian Students

"It's critical that we welcome international perspectives."

Ukrainian Students 'Speechless' and 'Shocked' by Full-Ride Scholarships from Dickinson College

"The $2 million program will cover each student, who will be members of the class of 2027, over the course of their entire four years at Dickinson."


Here's Why Scott Perry Believes His Phone Messages Are Private

"You’re saying that any congressman or congresswoman could conduct their own investigation unauthorized by the Congress, so long as they say that it’s a legislative act, then they are immune."


Antiquated' Law Prevents Teachers from Wearing Religious Clothing in Pa.

"It's timely for them to do this before a court has to do the work for them."

Teachable Moment: George Santos' Lesson to College Students

"I urge the leadership in Congress to look beyond the Capitol walls and recognize the larger ramifications of allowing this spectacle to continue unabated."


Political Experts Weign in on the Next Steps of the Shapiro Administration

"He's going to have to lay out what his initiatives are and then spend his political capital as wisely as he can."

WITF's The Spark

Observations on the Penn State Law-Penn State Dickinson Law Merger

"The proximity to Harrisburg and to the federal bench in Harrisburg was very meaningful."


Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry likely to be key figure during January 6th Committee’s hearing Monday

"I think they’re basically saying, 'Look, the work is done. There’s no reason that the Department of Justice investigators involved in the case and the public can’t see these emails.'"

USA Today Network

Mastriano lost by a landslide, but his supporters are still demanding recounts

"That's the prize that they're seeking, which is meant to make elections more cumbersome."

Business Insider

Midterm elections unfold against a backdrop of the assault of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband and increased threats against lawmakers

"It's like public figure malpractice, because we're dealing with a really volatile public at this point."

City & State PA

Pennsylvania’s highest court directs counties not to count undated ballots

"I almost think that that is a recognition on the part of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that those ballots were still going to be in play based on the potential federal litigation."


Court decisions and challenges cause "utter chaos" in PA election

"There is potentially more federal litigation to come."

Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Pa. elections likely to generate a new round of lawsuits over mail-in ballots, retired judges say

"It’s very unfortunate that this question is hanging out there unresolved."


Pa. voters shouldn’t expect results on Election Day – but trust the system, judges say

"Jones said the situation with undated ballots could trigger "utter chaos" following the election."


Pennsylvania court orders counties not to count undated, incorrectly dated ballots

"I think there's every chance that this litigation continues, but it continues in federal courts."

Business Insider

Threats against judges skyrocketed during the Trump era, and experts are now fearing for the worst

"I'm sickened by the fact that we can't moderate some of this rhetoric."

Business Insider

Inside the threats federal judges are facing across the country: suspicious packages, white powdery substances, and a 'swatting'

"It's completely irresponsible. It's like public figure malpractice, because we're dealing with a really volatile public at this point."

This Week In Pennsylvania

This Week in Pennsylvania: Dan Meuser

"Former federal judge and Dickinson College President John E. Jones III discussed the legal rulings around Pennsylvania mail-in ballots ahead of the election."

Career Authors

How to Leave Your Day Job Without Quitting

"'Recently, I was invited by my pre-law alma mater, Dickinson College, to join College President John Jones in a panel discussion: Just two ex-lawyers talking about not being lawyers anymore,' writes Amy Impellizzeri."


Max Baer, Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s chief justice, dies

"Chief Justice Max Baer was a longtime friend whom I long admired."

National Law Journal

Finding an 'Agreeable' Special Master to Review Trump Docs Won’t Be Easy, Experts Say

"Generally the situations are few where you’d support a special master, but they have their utility."


Pa. Rep. Scott Perry calls Justice Department corrupt but provides no evidence

"I think it is reckless and not becoming a federal office holder to make the statement that there is some type of agreement that is specifically directed at doing him harm."


Rep. Perry sues DOJ in effort to block access to his phone

"He can contend that it's politically motivated but that's just so much chatter in my view. He's going to have to come up with a good legal theory."


Former federal judge worries a judge will be killed in today’s political atmosphere

"We need our public figures to start speaking more responsibly."

Philadelphia Inquirer

I’m afraid a judge is going to be killed

"Radicalized statements and utterly false narratives promulgated by former President Trump and his followers are expediting the need for Congress to take action on judicial security."

Michael Smerconish Newsletter

This Supreme Court Will Blur the Line Between Church and State

"Cases of this type are always controversial and typically invoke great passion."

WITF Smart Talk

Will judges get more protection after man charged with attempted murder of Justice Kavanaugh?

"Dickinson College President John Jones is a former Federal Court Judge and was appointed by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to the Committee on Judicial Security. Judge Jones appears on Wednesday’s Smart Talk."

The PIE News

Interview with John E. Jones III, President of Dickinson College

"Jones is in the midst of an international tour when he talks to the PIE."

Bench Report: In Wake of Threat to Kavanaugh, Ex-US Judge Reflects on Judicial Security

"In the wake of this week’s threatened assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, I spoke with Jones, now president of his alma mater Dickinson College, about his time on the committee, his own history of threats and security details and what he hopes to see Congress do to protect judges in the future."

Michael Smerconish Newsletter

Has Anyone Thought About the Chief?

"An ancillary topic is how this leak will affect the Supreme Court as an institution."


From Top Judge in Federal Court to Top Dog on College Campus, No Keeping up with John Jones

"John Jones was 19 years into a lifetime appointment as a federal judge when he decided on a different path: presidency at Dickinson College from which he graduated in 1977."

WITF SmartTalk

Tree of Life Synagogue mass shooting marks third anniversary with summit event

"Dickinson College interim President John E. Jones III discusses how the juducial system can better address extremism."

WITF SmartTalk

Leadership change at Dickinson College; former chief judge takes the helm

"One central Pennsylvania man is making the unlikely transition from Federal Court chief judge to College president."


Op-ed: We are All Americans, and Democracy Is Our Shared Faith

"'We must recommit ourselves to upholding the great American tradition of combining vigorous political debate with a respect for the law and a peaceful transfer of power,' writes Dickinson interim President John E. Jones III."


Pennsylvania Judges Unveil Educational Toolkit to Teach Children about the Pennsylvania Judiciary

"'Pennsylvania is rich with history that has shaped our landscape from Philadelphia to Erie and impacted the nation but so much of that information lacks detail on how the work and the role of the courts plays a significant role,' said Dickinson College interim President John E. Jones III"