Student Leadership Position Descriptions

2022-2023 Position Descriptions

The Center for Civic Learning and Action (CCLA) seeks students to fill several positions in fall and spring of 2022-2023. These positions will contribute to a wide range of curricular and co-curricular programs and create several new initiatives.

To apply, complete the online application form, including an upload of your resume (PDF preferred).

Applications and Resumes are due by Midnight ET on Thursday, March 24th. We will hold individual interviews with candidates between 3/22/22-4/1/22. Borough Ambassador and Voter Engagement finalist interviews will take place in early to mid-April.

What is the Center for Civic Learning and Action?

CCLA brings together Dickinson’s programs in community engagement and civic learning. By collaborating with community members, faculty, staff, and students in mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships, we work for positive community impact, social justice, and the development of active citizens. Civic learning programs from academic affairs and service programs are united under the CCLA umbrella since our founding in 2019. 

What Are the Expectations?

Selected students must: 

  • Work 6-8 hours per week (average, varies by position) in an assigned program
  • Attend weekly leadership meetings (Tuesdays 12-1:00 pm)
  • Participate in CCLA Student Leadership Team Retreat - Saturday, September 4 (9am-8pm) and Sunday, September 5 (9am-4pm)
  • Develop a performance plan in consultation with a CCLA staff supervisor
  • Contribute to the visioning, planning, and operations of CCLA
  • Support other CCLA program needs, facilitate dialogue and reflection, and inspire peers
  • Serve as an ambassador to campus and community for all CCLA programs
  • Model professionalism and ethical leadership
  • Fulfill additional duties as assigned
  • Prioritize CCLA as the sole student employment position; exceptions must be approved by the staff supervisor
Who Should Apply?

Our student leadership team consists of students committed to community engagement with an interest in deepening their leadership capacity. Students selected to join CCLA will be self-motivated, open-minded, committed, engaged, and passionate about community service and social justice. We value a diverse team, and we welcome applications from rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors from any academic program.

Due to funding sources, preference may be given to students who are Federal Work Study (FWS) eligible; however, non-FWS are encouraged to apply.

What is the Proccess for Applicants?

To apply, complete the online application form, including an upload of your resume (PDF format preferred).

Applications and Resumes are due by Midnight ET on Sunday, March 20th. We will hold individual interviews with candidates between 3/22/22-4/1/22. Borough Ambassador and Voter Engagement finalist interviews will take place in early to mid-April.

If you have questions about the application or these positions, contact Laura Megivern, Director of Community Engagement att

CCLA Student Leader Position Descriptions

All student team members provide vital support to CCLA's overall portfolio of programs, and each person holds a specific leadership position connected to a program or function (see below). Team members also have opportunities to join special event-related and/or community-driven projects. Some positions will be held by more than one person, and duties will be accomplished as part of a team.

CCLA Student Leadership Team Leads

The CCLA Student Leadership Team Leads assist in managing the Student Leadership Team overall. This may be a position split with other roles on the team (for example, one might serve as a communications and marketing coordinator and a team lead). Team Leads help to shape the student leadership team experience by managing meetings, serving as a resource to other students, providing feedback and constructive criticism to other students (e.g., on marketing pieces), and contribute to the overall vision and plan for CCLA

Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Guiding the student leadership team with the CCLA professional staff
  • Facilitating one team meeting per month
  • Serving as a resource for other student leaders
  • Leading an office committee


  • Previous experience on the CCLA student leadership team is preferred
  • Good collaboration, organization, and communication skills are essential

Note: Team Leads should plan on working for CCLA 8-10 hours per week(average total –including if combined with another role on the team); and this should be your only employment on campus.

CCLA Marketing & Communications Coordinators

The CCLA Marketing & Communications Coordinators work on communications, marketing and social media. Working with appropriate CCLA team members, the Marketing & Communications Coordinators will manage social media and creative outreach campaigns; produce print, digital, and video content; and implement creative marketing campaigns to increase awareness of CCLA and participation in a variety of community engagement programs. 

Specific responsibilities may include:  

  • Leading the management of all CCLA social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) 
  • Attending and taking photos/video at CCLA events; conducting and transcribing interviews; writing stories and profiles to elevate visibility of community engagement at Dickinson
  • Creating visually appealing and informative print and digital content to promote CCLA programs and events
  • Managing a digital photo archive
  • Raising the level of awareness of community service on campus through creative outreach campaigns of their own design
  • Assisting with production of the CCLA newsletter and coordinating communication with college and community resources
  • Communicating with community partners, program leaders, and campus administrative offices to ensure adherence to legal, policy, and ethical standards
  • Supporting CCLA staff with a variety of administrative and professional tasks


  • Experience with social media and digital content creation preferred
  • Experience with video production, and photography desired
  • Should be both creative and detail-oriented with strong writing skills
  • Please submit 1-2 examples of work relevant to the skills required for this position with the resume  
Research & Special Initiatives Coordinators

Assists the Executive Director and CCLA staff with design, implementation, analysis, and writing related to scholarly and applied research projects. Assists with other emerging, community-oriented assignments. Works with diverse campus and community stakeholders.   

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Participates in all aspects of applied and scholarly research projects
  • Collects quantitative and qualitative data, including, but not limited to: key informant interviews, surveys, observational data
  • Conducts academic literature reviews; prepares annotated bibliographies.
  • Transcribes recorded audio and video files
  • Assists in grant writing projects, IRB protocol development, and preparation of manuscripts for peer review.
  • Occasionally presents material to internal and external audiences
  • Ad hoc projects as assigned


  • Experience with quantitative and/or qualitative data collection or analysis
  • Should be organized and able to work independently, often with ambiguous assignments
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Must have completed at least one course in research design or research methods, preferably in a social science
  • Willingness to complete Responsible Research and Human Subjects training sufficient for participation in active projects
Community Engagement Fellows Program Coordinator

Oversees the Community Engagement Fellows (CEF) program. Works with the administration and community partnership relationship management. Should be committed to service and to helping others develop their leadership style and skills.  

Specific responsibilities include: 

  • Recruiting and training a new class of Level 1 Community Engagement Fellows
  • Holding bi-weekly meetings with CEFs
  • Having at least one 1:1 meeting with each CEF each semester
  • Having at least one service event for CEFs each semester and creating group bonding opportunities for CEFs throughout the year
  • Raising awareness about CEF through the CCLA newsletter, social media, and other methods throughout the year


  • Must have completed the Community Engagement Fellows (or Montgomery Service Leaders) Program prior to entering this position
  • Should be organized and able to work independently
Service Coordinators

Works as a team to coordinate 6-8 volunteer programs, some with volunteer site leaders. Works creatively to increase and support service participation, especially by targeting first-year students and other groups. Service Coordinators also manage the volunteer clearance process. The successful candidates should be interested in developing leadership skills that encourage decision-making, empowerment of others, teamwork, and addressing community needs.  

Specific responsibilities may include:  

  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with community partners for volunteer placements; especially at the beginning of the year and through transitions of volunteer site leaders
  • Supporting volunteer recruitment – raising awareness about service on campus, hosting volunteer recruitment events such as tabling or fairs, and getting new volunteers connected with service programs of interest
  • Holding regular meetings with volunteer site leaders and/or community partners to discuss successes, problems, and solutions
  • Managing a program budget
  • Training volunteer site leaders in the fall and spring semesters
  • Recognizing and celebrating volunteer site leaders and volunteers
  • Recruiting and hiring volunteer site leaders for the next year (and as needed throughout the year)
  • Working as a team to support service events such as days of service and service trips; this can include volunteer leader training, logistical arrangements, and supporting teams doing fundraising
  • Organizing Service Trips including service and logistical details, recruitment and training of trip leaders, fundraising, and recruitment of participants
  • Assistance with coordinating the Volunteer Clearances process: providing technical support and training to incoming volunteers; possibly driving new volunteers to fingerprinting appointments.


  • Experience with community service, ability to work with a diverse group of people, and organizational skills required
  • Previous experience with local service programs and/or Service Trips preferred

Note: driving to clearances will be in a Dickinson vehicle, current van certification or eligibility to become certified is helpful in this position.

Carlisle Borough Student Ambassador

The Student Ambassador is a non-voting member of Carlisle Borough Council who serves as a representative voice for students on council. The goals of this position are to connect Dickinson College students with Carlisle and to further strengthen the relationship between the college and the community. This is a unique opportunity for the successful candidate to be involved in local government and public service.  

Specific responsibilities include: 

  • Meeting with Borough Council mentor and Borough Manager to discuss an assigned special project to benefit the college and community
  • Attending and reporting on monthly council meetings and workshops
  • Serving as a liaison to the Dickinson President’s Office, CCLA, and the Student Senate
  • Preparing periodic summary reports and written reflections for distribution to the campus community
  • Preparing for monthly council meetings and staying informed on campus and community policies and issues


  • Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors are encouraged to apply
  • Student must possess a high level of maturity, an ability to work independently, strong verbal and written communication skills, and an interest in local government

Note: the hiring process for this position will require additional interviews with Borough and President’s office staff.

Voter Engagement Coordinator

Develops and leads campaigns and events to increase voter engagement at Dickinson College. In coordination with Dickinson Votes, the coordinator serves the campus by enhancing nonpartisan efforts related to voter education, voter registration, and voter turnout. Serves as a primary point of contact for community, regional, state, and national voter engagement networks and initiatives.

Specific responsibilities may include:  

  • Designing and planning events to engage campus constituents in all aspects of voting throughout the year
  • Coordinates Dickinson's participation in regional and national voter registration and education events, competitions, and campaigns
  • Disseminates accurate and timely information about local, state, and national elections, registration deadlines, and voting procedures
  • Coordinates the development and monitoring of Dickinson's Voter Engagement Plan
  • Serving as a key member of the Dickinson Votes initiative and resource for faculty, staff, students, and student organizations regarding voting


  • Knowledge of voter registration processes or willingness to learn
  • Strong communications skills and experience with social media desired
  • Attention to detail and ability to plan and execute events

Note: the hiring process for this position will require additional interviews with the Dickinson Votes team.