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Managing Complex Disasters

Master’s Program in Managing Complex Disasters

We are no longer accepting applications for this program.

Global pandemics. Devastating climate change. Historic wildfires. The ability to confront and manage complex disasters is in critical demand. Natural and human made disasters resulting from globalization, mass migration, technological innovations, pandemics, environmental degradation and climate change have never been more frequent or consequential, and the world needs individuals with the ability to create solutions to challenging problems.

Addressing such disasters requires complex thinking that crosses narrow disciplinary or professional boundaries. It requires understanding of social and natural factors within multiple geographic and cultural contexts.

This globally focused program provides those in government, public health, disaster response organizations, humanitarian and military service the knowledge and experience to understand the causes of complex challenges and to develop strategic and innovative solutions to meet those challenges.

Building on Dickinson’s longstanding partnership with the U.S. Army War College, as well as Dickinson’s internationally recognized leadership in global education, sustainability and civic engagement, the program provides professionals with a distinctive base of knowledge in emergency management and disaster management to meet the challenges of this new era.