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Liz Lewis

Associate Professor of Education (2008)

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57 S College St


Her research focuses on new and multiple literacies; multimodality in secondary education; and the literacy development and instruction of adolescent English language learners. Currently, her teaching interests include incorporating culturally responsive pedagogy in instruction, addressing diverse student needs in teacher education, and integrating literacy instruction across secondary content areas.


  • B.A., Syracuse University, 1993
  • M.S., 1996
  • Ph.D., 2008

2017-2018 Academic Year

Fall 2017

EDST 140 Educational Psychology
An examination of physical, cognitive, and psychological developmental theories and research as well as theories of learning. The course includes theoretical perspectives on: age-stage characteristics, exceptionality, achievement versus aptitude, as well as how developmental, sociocultural, and motivational factors influence student learning in classroom contexts.

EDST 370 Educ & Emerging Technologies
An examination of the role of emerging technologies in American education. Particular issues of focus each semester will be selected by the instructor and might include the capabilities and limitations of contemporary technological tools, how technological tools, particularly new media, can be used to enhance teaching and learning in diverse educational settings, trends in and variations of e-learning, and perspectives on digital etiquette, ethical reasoning, legal guidelines, and institutional policies related to technology use in educational settings. Prerequisite: 260 or Social Science Research Methods (AFST 200, AMST 202, ANTH 240, ANTH 241, EASN 310, ECON 228, LAWP 228, PMGT 228, POSC 239, PSYC 201, SOCI 240, SOCI 244, or WGSS 200), or permission of instructor.

EDST 500 Educational Studies Ind Study