Lessons of an Intern

Mike Devivo

Mike Devivo

A Q&A with Michael DeVivo '15 as he wraps up an influential JPMorgan Chase internship

Why IB&M and German as majors? What are your career aspirations?

I have been taking German since seventh grade and I absolutely love the culture and language. It paired really well with my aspirations to work in the corporate world on an international level. IB&M is a major that stresses real-world application with quantifiable results. It has forced me to think critically and broaden my global awareness, while enhancing my knowledge of the corporate atmosphere.

How did you end up with this internship at JPMorgan Chase in NYC?

I had a connection. However, no connection can land an internship; it only gets your foot in the door. Through my connection, I was fortunate enough to schedule an interview with the employer and impressed him during a phone interview. The manager assured me that my connection had nothing to do with getting me the position, only the interview and my resume.

Have you had previous internship experiences, and do you plan to intern again in the future?

This is my first work experience and first internship. I plan to come back to JPMorgan Chase next summer, but in a different area within the bank. I will also submit my resume to other corporate entities in NYC as backups.

What is the most valuable part of this internship experience for you?

The ability to meet people is definitely the best part, however, learning firsthand how the workplace functions is hands down the most valuable aspect of this internship. Anyone can read textbooks and hear information in a classroom setting, but in order to be successful, one must dive into the work environment headfirst. Learning about how to interact with colleagues, how to adhere to strict time constraints and how to operate in a corporate environment can best be learned by actually doing it.

What advice would you offer to peers considering an internship?

First, I’d say don’t be afraid to brag about yourself on paper. Sometimes the only thing a future employer will see of you is a quick look at your resume, so make sure something stands out. Jobs are hard to come by so make sure you mention that you won a badminton championship in high school or you like to golf or hike on the weekends, because you never know if an avid hiker is looking at your resume.

How has this internship better prepared you for life beyond the limestone walls?

Great question. This internship has made me feel more like an adult than any other experience in my life. I feel more in control of my life than I have ever felt and knowing that I can succeed and hold my own in the corporate atmosphere gives me great pride and confidence to continue on my career path. The number-one thing that employers look for is experience, and this internship has given me just that.

Published August 9, 2013