Video Shorts Highlight Fall Mosaic

Image of students doing fieldwork

The Natural History Sustainability Mosaic took students far into the field during the fall of 2012, and with research expeditions that involved banding owls, studying raptor migration, exploring the Pennsylvania elk herd, fossil hunting and immersion (literally, at times) in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, students got a massive dose of hands-on research experience.

In creating the syllabus, Ashton Nichols, Walter E. Beach '56 Distinguished Chair in Sustainability Studies, appealed to prospective students: "If you like the idea of spending the entire fall 2012 semester with three professors engaged in natural history fieldwork plus emphasis on how to write about all of these matters as an English essayist or science journalist, and how to engage in citizen-science and scientific fieldwork, then this may be the Mosaic semester for you."

As you'll see in two new documentary shorts from the Community Studies Center YouTube page, students who signed on for the in-depth adventure found that this was the Mosaic for them, as they embraced whatever came their way with verve.

Published April 24, 2013