Celebrating History and Philanthropy

Charter Day

Charter Day

Dickinsonians celebrate 234th anniversary of the signing of the college's charter

video by Joe O'Neill

Though it's been nearly two-and-a-half centuries since Benjamin Rush penned the document that would serve as the official charter for Dickinson College and make it the first college in the newly independent U.S., the celebratory energy among Dickinsonians is as strong as ever. During this year's Charter Day, students, faculty and staff gathered to enjoy their lobster rolls, brisket, Yuengling's Ice Cream and more while celebrating the college's history and the role philanthropy has played in it.

"It's a pretty significant day not just in the history of this college, but in the history of the country," said President Margee Ensign, who addressed the crowd during the celebration. "Two-hundred and thirty-four years ago, our founding fathers and mothers decided to establish this great college. We would not be here without their great vision and without the support of thousands of people who support this college."


Published September 11, 2017