Graduate and Professional School 2013

How useful is a Dickinson education? Just ask our students and alums.
Dickinsonians regularly earn prestigious grants and scholarships, conduct research, work around the world and enter esteemed graduate programs. And, at a time of economic uncertainty, our seniors and alums are securing desirable positions on Wall Street, Main Street and beyond. They’re entering the growing fields of environmental science, finance, education, the arts, international business, peace advocacy and more.
Here are just a few of the accomplished Dickinsonians who plan to attend graduate or professional school.

Morgan Abel accepts graduate school.

Morgan Abel '13

Hometown: Milford, Conn.
Major(s): Environmental Science

Graduate School: James Cook University

Morgan will move to Australia to pursue her master's in marine biology and ecology.

What were some of the defining moments of Morgan's Dickinson experience?

"Reuniting with my friends after we were all abroad in different countries," she says. "It reminded me how completely different our interests are and that Dickinson brought us together."

Laura Bartell accepts graduate school.

Laura Bartell '13

Hometown: Danby, Vt.
Major(s): American Studies

Graduate School: The College of Saint Rose

Laura will pursue her master's in communication sciences and disorders at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, N.Y. 

How has Dickinson prepared Laura for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Even though American Studies is on the opposite side of the spectrum from communication sciences and disorders, Dickinson's academic programs have really challenged me and cultivated many skills applicable to any field," she says. "I have learned a lot and am confident the education I received is unique to others in my future field. I am excited to bring a new perspective."

Tianyi Cai accepts graduate school.

Tianyi Cai '13

Hometown: Nanjing, China
Major(s): Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Graduate School: D'Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University

Tianyi will pursue his MBA with a concentration in accounting and business administration.

What were some of Tianyi's defining moments at Dickinson?

"Participating in the LeaderShape Institute; founding and developing the entrepreneurship club; conducting research on and off campus; getting to know professors and classmates; representing Dickinson at Princeton University's East Coast Start-Up Summit; and graduating from the TechCelerator Program at Murata Business Center in Carlisle," he says.

Andrew Chesley accepts graduate school.

Andrew Chesley '13

Hometown: Winnetka, Ill.
Major(s): Economics; Mathematics

Graduate School: Columbia Law School 

Andrew will pursue his Juris Doctorate. He is the outgoing president of Student Senate, a member of several all-college committees and a student-interviewer for admissions. He also was selected as one of two student representatives to serve on the Presidential Search Committee. 

What were some of Andrew's defining moments at Dickinson?

"My year serving the college and the student body as Student Senate president was the defining moment of my four years at Dickinson," he says. "I'm excited to know that my Dickinson experience will never end, and I'm looking forward to meeting alumni in New York City."

Francis Daily accepts graduate school.

Francis Daily '13

Hometown: Hunt Valley, Md.
Major(s): Chemistry

Graduate School:  D'Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University 

Francis will pursue a dual master's degree in business and accounting before pursuing a career in healthcare management. "I want to resolve many of the inadequacies of the healthcare system in an effort to promote patients' wellbeing, physician success and hospital efficiency," he says.

What are some of Francis' defining moments at Dickinson?

"As a chemistry major, I did not expect it to be so easy to study abroad in Malaga, Spain. However, the international-exchange programs that Dickinson has established as well as the open-mindedness between departments allowed me to have a smooth transition to Spain and earn a minor in Spanish," he says. "When I attended the Selective Liberal Arts Consortium recruiting event in New York City, I felt like an integral part of a much larger community of liberal-arts students. Together, we were all going through the same exciting, yet difficult transition in life, and I could already feel the impact that the liberal-arts community will have on my future."

Mary Dickinson accepts graduate school.

Mary Dickinson '13

Hometown: Kensington, Conn.
Major(s): Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Mathematics

Graduate School: University of Washington

Mary will attend the University of Washington in Seattle to pursue her Ph.D. in pathobiology.

Christopher Erly accepts graduate school.

Christopher Erly '13

Hometown: Owings, Md.
Major(s): Political Science; Law & Policy

Graduate School: American University Washington College of Law 

Christopher will pursue his Juris Doctorate, which he calls, "the career I have wanted since high school." 

How has Dickinson prepared Chris for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has helped me improve a variety of important skills ranging from critical thinking and writing to social and interpersonal skills," he says.

Elisse Fiala accepts graduate school.

Elise Fiala '13

Hometown: Worthington, Ohio
Major(s): Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Graduate School: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 

Elise will pursue her master's in genetic counseling.

How has Dickinson prepared Elise for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"My strong foundation in genetics and biochemistry has been balanced with humanities and social-science classes, which gave me the confidence to enter into a multidisciplinary field like genetic counseling," she says. "My professors have been committed to giving me all the tools I need to succeed and I am very grateful to them for that."

Sloane Fowkes accepts graduate school.

Sloane Fowkes '13

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Major(s): Psychology

Graduate School: University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice 

Sloane will pursue her master's in social work. "I'm looking forward to training in the field of social work," she says. "I love working with the elderly and I'm excited for the opportunities that Penn will provide. I'm ready for the next phase of my life." 

How has Dickinson prepared Sloane for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has taught me how to analyze and think critically about problems," says Sloane. "It also has provided me with service learning opportunities, which helped me decide that I was interested in social work. I have experience working with the elderly through a program called Senior Companions." Sloane started Senior Companions in her junior year. She pairs Dickinson students with a resident at a local nursing home for weekly visits and group activities.

Christopher Gregoire accepts graduate school.

Christopher Gregoire '13

Hometown: Scarborough, Maine
Major(s): Biology

Graduate School: University of Maryland School of Dentistry

Chris will attend dental school at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry where he will obtain his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. After attending dental school on a full-tuition health-professions scholarship, Chris will spend four years in the U.S. Navy Dental Corps. "While it's hard to overlook the financial value of this opportunity, I look forward to serving my country," he says. "As a Naval officer, I will have many opportunities for leadership and personal growth." Ultimately, Chris hopes to complete a residency in endodontics and work as a specialist in a private practice. 

How has Dickinson prepared Christopher for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"I have a strong background in the biomedical sciences thanks to a wonderful group of mentors and professors," says Chris. "My liberal-arts education has supplied me with the knowledge and tools that will allow me to be a successful owner/partner in a dental practice. Courses in business, accounting, psychology and English have taught me ways to manage personnel, operate a small business, perform basic accounting, articulate ideas and address problems effectively."

Elisa Guma accepts graduate school.

Elisa Guma '13

Hometown: Toronto
Major(s): Neuroscience

Graduate School: McGill University

Elisa will pursue her master's in neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal. 

How has Dickinson prepared Elisa for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has taught me how to learn and how to view a problem from multiple perspectives," she says.

Matthew Halvorson accepts graduate school.

Matthew Halverson '13

Hometown: Bethlehem, Pa.
Major(s): Psychology

Graduate School:  University of Texas at Austin

Matthew will pursue a master's degree in counseling psychology with a focus on higher education counseling at the University of Texas at Austin.

How has Dickinson prepared Matthew for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"The broad liberal arts education allowed me to focus my attention on a psychology major while also taking many religion and sociology classes as well," he says. "Through numerous opportunities, such as being an orientation assistant, working in the Admissions Office as a student interviewer, and studying abroad in Australia, Dickinson has given me many different avenues through which to develop my personal and professional goals."

Ariel KLatskin accepts graduate school.

Ariel Klatskin '13

Hometown: Yardley, Pa.
Major(s): English

Graduate School: City University London

Ariel will return to England, where she spent junior-year abroad through Dickinson's Norwich program, to pursue her master's in information systems and technology at City University London. "My junior-year abroad in England changed my life and made me courageous enough to take the leap of applying to graduate schools in another country far away from my friends and family." 

How has Dickinson prepared Ariel for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"There are many aspects of my future career that require excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as the ability to work with others," she says. "My courses and work experience at Dickinson have greatly helped me develop those skills."

Christopher Mealey accepts graduate school.

Christopher Mealey '13

Hometown: Manchester, N.H.
Major: Biology

Graduate School: College of Charleston - Grice Marine Laboratory

Christopher will pursue his master's degree in marine biology at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. The graduate program is located at the Grice Marine Laboratory on James Island. "Although my intended career is fairly narrow, the tools I gained at Dickinson will help me apply my specified knowledge to a broader, global community," he says. During his junior year, Christopher served a research team studying the correlation between the lionfish species size and the depth of its migration into new habitats.

What were some of Christopher's defining moments at Dickinson?

"Being able to travel abroad to areas where I could experience other cultures and broaden my experience with marine-related courses and research," he says.

Emily Peterpaul accepts graduate school.

Emily Peterpaul '13

Hometown: Basking Ridge, N.J.
Major(s): Chemistry; Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Graduate School: Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

Emily will pursue her doctor of medicine degree at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.

Miguel rodrigues accepts graduate school.

Miguel Rodriguez '13

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador
Major(s): Mathematics

Graduate School: Clemson University 

Miguel will pursue his Ph.D. in mathematical science and operations research. 

What were some of the defining moments of Miguel's Dickinson experience?

"Conducting research with faculty in the mathematics department," he says.

Hannah Shaffer accepts graduate school.

Hannah Shaffer '13

Hometown:  Friedens, Pa.
Major(s): Law & Policy; Political Science  

Graduate School: University of Pittsburgh School of Law 

Hannah will be pursuing her juris doctorate in international and criminal law. "My time at Dickinson helped me realize that I can make a difference in the world, and law school is the next step to make that happen," she says. 

What were some of Hannah's defining moments at Dickinson?

"I will always remember competing in my last round of Dickinson's mock-trial team. I was a member since my first year, and it has been such a positive influence on my time here," she says. "Through mock trial, I've made so many great friends, been coached by amazing people and competed against top schools."

Natalie Stanley acecpts graduate school.

Natalie Stanley '13

Hometown: Skillman, N.J.
Major(s): Mathematics

Graduate School: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Natalie will pursue her Ph.D. in computational biology and bioinformatics. "I am excited to use math and statistics to contribute to the understandings of various biological mechanisms," she says. 

What were some of Natalie's defining moments at Dickinson?

"Being involved with student-faculty research gave me hands-on experience in the type of work that I ultimately plan to do," she says. "Working closely with my professors has been extremely inspiring and has taught me how to conduct research intelligently and creatively."

Danielle Staunton accepts graduate school.

Danielle Staunton '13

Hometown: Wayne, N.J.  
Major(s): Biology

Graduate School: University of East Anglia 

Danielle will return to the University of East Anglia (UEA), where she spent a semester abroad through Dickinson's Norwich program, to pursue her master's in applied ecology and conservation. "It's exciting to be able to work with a large number of national parks and nature reserves through UEA's Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation," she says. "I am looking forward to pursuing field-research opportunities in a number of diverse locations." 

How has Dickinson prepared Danielle for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Studying abroad really opened my eyes to the opportunities in places other than home," she says. "Being able to study at UEA for the first half of my junior year allowed me to immerse myself in what life in Norwich is like. I feel comfortable and confident to return there in September."

Chrstine Tallo accepts graduate school.

Christine Tallo '13

Hometown: Lakeland, Fla.
Major(s): Biology

Graduate School: Emory University 

Christine will pursue her Master of Medical Science in genetic counseling. "I am looking forward to living in a bigger city, training to be a genetic counselor and being in one of the first classes of the Emory University graduate program," she says.

How has Dickinson prepared Christine for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"My very first class, Understanding Cancer, introduced me to the field of genetic counseling," she says. "Although I never anticipated that I would be a science major or pursue a career in science, studying science through the humanities perspective helped me discover what I am passionate about. All of my classes and professors have contributed to my educational and personal growth and have given me invaluable experiences that have shaped who I am. Now that I am going to graduate school, I feel as though I have come full-circle from that very first class and am ready to face life beyond the limestone."

Rebecca Thompson accepts graduate school.

Rebecca Thompson '13

Hometown:  Baldwin, Md.
Major(s): Chemistry; Mathematics

Graduate School: University of Pennsylvania 

Rebecca will work as a chemistry teaching fellow in the Penn Residency Master's in Teaching program. She will teach and observe classes, assist with activities and athletics, and work in residential life. She also will pursue her Master's in education from the University of Pennsylvania.

What were some of Rebecca's defining moments at Dickinson?

"One of the most defining moments was studying abroad in Norwich, England. I loved the opportunity to see so many new places and to learn about English culture," she says.

Giovania Tiarachristie accepts graduate school.

Giovania Tiarachristie '13

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Major(s): Sociology
Graduate School: Pratt Institute

G will pursue her master's in city and regional planning at New York's Pratt Institute, where she will work at the Pratt Center for Community Development and with the diversity committee "to help shape diversity initiatives for the department," she says. G also has obtained a graduate assistantship with the São Paulo planning studio class and looks forward to working with Ron Shiffman, an author of Beyond Zuccotti Park, and a professor at Pratt's Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment. G studied in São Paulo, Brazil, during her junior year. 

During her senior year, G was selected as a Baird Fellow Candidate, an honor awarded to seniors who demonstrates advanced sustainability goals on or beyond the Dickinson campus through excellence in scholarship and service. Most recently, G was announced as a one of 30 young scholars to receive the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans. 

G is a two-time recipient of the Udall Scholarship (2011 and 2012). The Udall Foundation provides federally funded scholarships for students who have demonstrated a commitment to careers in the environment or Native-American tribal public policy or healthcare. Udall Scholars also demonstrate leadership potential and academic achievement. Learn more about G.

Suzanna Tremblay accepts graduate school.

Suzanna Tremblay '13


Hometown:  Exton, Pa.
Major(s): Archeology; Anthropology
Graduate School: The Pennsylvania State University

 Suzanna will pursue her Ph.D. in anthropology and demography. 

 What were some of Suzanna's defining moments at Dickinson?

"A professor set me on the path I am now on and helped me find a field of study that I am truly passionate about," she says.

Emily Weekes accepts graduate school.

Emily Weekes '13

Hometown: Stroudsburg, Pa.
Major(s): Sociology 

Graduate School: Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

Emily will pursue a second bachelor's degree in nursing.

How has Dickinson prepared Emily for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"Dickinson has given me a quality liberal-arts education, which will help me become a holistic nurse," she says.

Stephen Whittaker accepts graduate school.

Stephen Whittaker '13


Hometown: Port Washington, N.Y.
Major(s): History
Graduate School: New York University

Stephen will pursue his master's in European politics and policy at New York University. "I am excited to construct my graduate education around the passions that I developed at Dickinson," he says. "I also can't wait to have the opportunity to live, study and work in New York City." 

What are some of Stephen's defining moments at Dickinson?

"There was certainly a defining period," he says. "My year abroad in Bologna, Italy, shaped me academically and personally to an extent that I never thought possible. I truly fell in love with Europe during my time there, and Dickinson made that possible."

Amanda Jo Wildey accepts graduate school.

Amanda Jo Wildey '13


Hometown: Boonton, N.J.
Major(s): Anthropology
Graduate School: Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

Amanda will pursue her master's in anthropology in Lima. "I am so excited to be able to continue the fieldwork I began while studying abroad and then furthered as part of my senior thesis project," she says. Amanda has received a Rotary International Global Grant, which supports large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes. 

How has Dickinson prepared Amanda for Life Beyond the Limestone?

"My time at Dickinson, whether on campus in Carlisle or abroad in Peru and Bolivia, has opened my eyes to the potential for intercultural experiences," she says. "The diverse perspectives with which I have engaged over the past four years have prepared me to go out into the world and continue challenging myself and my views. If I have learned anything, it is that learning itself can come from any source at all-we must simply be open to it."

Christina Wolf acecpts graduate school.

Christina Wolf '13

Hometown: Mount Wolf, Pa.
Major(s): Art & Art History

Graduate School: Sotheby's Institute of Art

Christina, who will pursue her master's in fine and decorative art from the London campus of Sotheby's Institute of Art, credits her professors and her senior seminar for providing the curatorial experience that prepared her for a career in art. "Co-curating the 'Articulating an American Aesthetic' exhibition for The Trout Gallery with other senior art-history majors was a fantastic experience that not many undergraduate students can say they've had," she says. 

What are some of the defining moments of Christina's Dickinson experience?

"The night of our exhibition opening in The Trout Gallery is one I will never forget," she recalls. "Paging through our exhibition catalog for the first time and being able to write on my resume that I was published as an undergraduate student was a phenomenal moment. Sharing that moment with fellow students and our advisor, Professor Melinda Schlitt, during a champagne toast was incredible." 

Published March 25, 2013