Volunteer Spotlight: Jack Sherman ’52

When did you begin volunteering for Dickinson?
After many years since graduation I began volunteering for Dickinson with the preparation for the Class of 1952’s 60th reunion celebration. 

What prompted you to want to get more involved with Dickinson?
With overseas living and physical distance from campus, I was prevented from a direct involvement. As a regular contributor to the annual fund, I had maintained my interest and support for the school. But it was a visit to campus one summer about ten years ago that renewed wonderful memories. I always felt that with a closer proximity to campus I would have been more involved.

List the volunteer opportunities you participate in.
I was a member of the committee for the Class of 1952’s 60th reunion.

What do you enjoy most about your volunteer experience?
The people. Reconnecting with former classmates, long “lost” friends, and working with the current staff.  As we have gone through life and now reconnect, it is meaningful to realize how much our paths and experiences have varied, yet how much we all have in common.

A fun Dickinson fact about yourself.
While serving on the reunion committee, during the holidays before the June event, I had the opportunity to be in the area and asked Laura Wills (Manager of Volunteer Operations) to give me a campus tour. We met in the Admissions Office, formerly the Alpha Chi Rho house. As a Crow I had a fabulous “down memory lane” visit with the old and the new of the house. And a visit to Biddle House which had been a men’s dorm more than 60 years ago. As Laura was showing me the current facilities, I was giving her historical “facts” of what used to be. 

What advice do you have for someone thinking about doing it?
Do it! It’s a positive experience. As one who is excited with the direction of the school, it is important that we as graduates enthusiastically share our experiences and understand what Dickinson is today. In our own communities we have the opportunity to share the Dickinson experience.

What have you learned about yourself through volunteering?
I enjoy people. With volunteering we become involved with people for a common purpose. Although not a new realization, I again understand why I get pleasure as a volunteer.  In this instance I also understand more fully what Dickinson means to me.

Why do you choose to give to Dickinson?
To give financially to Dickinson is to contribute to the ongoing success of the school. We are a product of the school which has added to our success in life. It is just a little something that we can give back. Don’t we have an obligation to give?

Published June 17, 2014