Volunteer Spotlight: Derek Peachey ’97

When did you begin volunteering for Dickinson?
I began volunteering for Dickinson a few years after my graduation in 1997. I was living in Texas and started by conducting a few alumni interviews. Given my overwhelmingly positive experience at the college, I was enthusiastic about getting involved and “giving back” in any way possible.

What prompted you to want to get more involved with Dickinson?
The opportunity to evangelize the college, particularly outside of the mid-Atlantic. My experience over four years in Carlisle was defining and I wanted to see others have the opportunity to enjoy the same experience. I have always viewed Dickinson as a school that deserved national recognition and living in Texas and California has afforded me the opportunity to spread the work about Dickinson ascent among highly competitive liberal arts schools.

List the volunteer opportunities you participate in:
Regional Alumni Council (past) in NYC, Class Reunion Committee and Class Agent

What do you enjoy most about your volunteer experience?
The opportunity to interface with young alums. The calibre of the current student at Dickinson continues to rise and I am continually impressed with the drive of the current students. As a young alumnus, I benefitted from the council and networking efforts of many in the Dickinson community. I view my work “mentoring” young alums as an opportunity to return the favor in addition to something that is inherently rewarding. The Dickinson network made a difference for me and I view it as an obligation to work with those energetic and enthusiastic young alums who need doors opened as they begin their careers.

Why do you choose to give to Dickinson (financially)?
I view giving back to Dickinson as an obligation. I would not have enjoyed the professional “success” without Dickinson. I hope all alums can look back at their experience at Dickinson and contribute something to our alma mater.

Published May 26, 2014