Volunteer Spotlight: Michael Donnelly '02

When did you begin volunteering for Dickinson? 
I first began volunteering for Dickinson almost immediately upon graduation. In fact, I signed up to serve as a Class Correspondent before graduation day arrived!

What prompted you to want to get more involved with Dickinson? 
My experience at Dickinson was life-altering and I wanted to be able to share with others the experiences I had, in hopes that they, too, would find their love for Dickinson to be everlasting.

List the volunteer opportunities you participate in: 
Class Correspondent, Class Agent, reunion committee volunteer, past co-chair of Philadelphia Club, Vice-President of Alumni Council, DAVS, and I attended a few college fairs, as well.

What do you enjoy most about your volunteer experience? 
I most enjoy the opportunities there are to meet fellow alumni and prospective students. Attending Dickinson-sponsored events is like a homecoming, of sorts. Being surrounded by others who share that special Dickinson connection is a great reminder of what an awesome place Dickinson truly is.

A fun Dickinson fact about yourself: 
I was an RA for freshman two years. My sophomore year I lived on the second floor of Adams. Upon return from a year abroad (in Málaga and Querétaro), I enjoyed working with my co-RA as we lived on the third floor of the newly renovated Baird-McClintock. It was during my senior year that I was honored to receive the Resident Advisor of the Year award. Working with residents and the residential life program was definitely a highlight of my Dickinson experience.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about volunteering?
Volunteering for Dickinson has afforded me the opportunity to maintain contacts, as well as make new Dickinson friends, having graduated from years other than mine. As the saying goes, many hands make light work. Together, as alumni, we can spread the word about what a great place Dickinson is, both within the US and internationally. Volunteering is always interesting and definitely so much fun that it doesn't even feel like a commitment!

What have you learned about yourself through volunteering?
I have enjoyed the experience volunteering for Dickinson. It is a small way I am able to give back to Dickinson, present and future, for the opportunities I have been afforded from having studied at Dickinson.

Published May 16, 2014