Opportunities for Our Community 

The Office of LGBTQ Services offers a variety of training and educational opportunities for the campus community. Please feel free to contact us at LGBTQ@dickinson.edu to see if we might be able to provide your group and/or organization with an educational session.

LGBTQ Services Training


Explores basic terminology, the experiences of LGBTQ community members and challenges participants to think about what ally behavior and actions might look like in their specific community

Specific trainings designed for:

  • Fraternities and Sororities
  • Athletic Teams 

Ally 101

Explores basic terminology, engages participants in a discussion around LGBTQ issues happening nationally and internationally and allows members to determine actions steps to take to move LGBTQ equality forward.

Pride @ Dickinson: Safe Zone Program

The Pride @ Dickinson Safe Zone Program seeks to create a safer and more inclusive campus environment for all members of the campus community by reducing heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. Through the training program and the display of Pride @ Dickinson stickers, the program creates a visible and supportive network of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally members of the campus community who have a basic knowledge about issues of sexual orientation and gender identity and are able to provide support and referrals to members of the campus community. For more information about the Pride @ Dickinson Safe Zone Program, please click here.

Gender Non-Conforming/Transgender 101

Explores basic terminology associated with the transgender and/or gender non-conforming community, engages participants in a discussion around gender non-conforming issues, processes, and highlights some of the challenges encountered by these community members. The training concludes with ways to be an ally to these community members and challenges us to recognize our own privileges. 

The Office also works with faculty, staff, and students to create and present programs surrounding power/privilege, gender, sexuality, and the intersections of identity that meet the needs and expectations of various groups/organizations/constituencies on campus. For more information, please contact: LGBTQ@dickinson.edu