This online policy content is provided as a resource for the students, faculty, staff, and administration of Dickinson College. Content is subject to change. Please contact the appropriate person or office to obtain the most current information.

First-year students are not permitted to possess or operate motor vehicles on the Dickinson campus or in the Carlisle area. This restriction applies to any vehicle regardless of its type, ownership, or registration but does not apply to fleet vehicles used in accordance with college sponsored activities. This policy is in effect seven days a week. Exceptions to the policy are granted according to strict guidelines and can only be made by the Department of Public Safety. Requests for exceptions must be made in writing by the student and forwarded to the Chief of Public Safety.

Violations of the first-year student car policy may result in loss of car privileges for the first full semester of the sophomore year, a fine and the immediate removal of the vehicle from the Carlisle area.