Food at Dickinson College

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Bagel Brunch at the Asbell Center


Dickinson College Dining Services provides the KOVE station in the HUB Dining Hall.  The KOVE is our Kosher + Vegan option on campus.  It houses separate kosher meat and kosher dairy kitchens under the Star-K Certification, an internationally recognized kosher-certification agency based in Baltimore, and overnseen by two mashgichot (kosher food preparation superviosrs), Louise Powers and Ricki Gold.  Everything in the KOVE is kosher.  They serve vegan foods, but they are kosher vegan foods.  All food prepared and served in the KOVE meet the strictest standards of kosher food.  Dickinson is proud of the inclusive nature of the campus community.


The Asbell Center for Jewish Life also provides kosher meals, but is not under Star-K Certification.  The student are responsible for maintaining the kashruit of the building.  The Asbell Center houses a separate kosher meat and kosher dairy kitchen.  We provide meals for the following:

  1. Shabbat Meal - Every Friday after 6:00 p.m. services
  2. Rosh Hashanah
  3. Passover - For the first night of Passover, the Asbell Center provides the Campus and Community Kosher for Passover Style Dinner.  Second night of Passover dinner will be lead by Hillel students. For the remaining dinners, Dining Services will be providing kosher for Passover style meals in the HUB side rooms.  Our third floor student lounge kitchen will be stocked with breakfast and lunch items for students to make their own breakfasts and lunches