The Committee for the Health Professions (CHP)

Students will need to contact their Faculty Pre-Health Advisor at least one time per academic year, but preferably one time per semester, to plan their academic courses for the following semester. The Faculty Pre-Health Advisor can help with planning a four year time-line of courses that might include study abroad plans as well as study time to prepare adequately for testing prior to the conclusion of the junior or senior years.

The Career Center Pre-Health Professions Advisor can help you with experiential learning resources early in your time at Dickinson as well as with professional school requirements and processes. You should definitely contact this advisor at the beginning of your junior year (or senior if delaying process) in order to appropriately prepare for testing.

Pre-Health Faculty Advisors:

Rebecca Connor Assistant Professor
of Chemistry
Jeff Forrester Associate Professor
of Mathematics
Tiffany Frey
(sabbatical, Spring 2018)
Assistant Professor of Biology 717-254-8037

Mike Holden
Interim Chairperson

Professor of Chemistry 717-245-1481
Sharon Kingston Associate Professor
of Psychology
Carol Loeffler Associate Professor of Biology 717-245-1360
Meredith Rauhut Instructor Neuroscience 717-245-1255
Dan Schubert Associate Professor of Sociology 717-245-1227
Charles "Chuck" Zwemer Professor of Biology 717-245-1293



Career Center:

Barb Redding Senior Administrative Assistant  717-245-1740
Debi Swarner

Career Center Pre-Health Professions Advisor