Italian Studies Prizes and Awards

The American Association of Teachers of Italian selects the best essay submitted in Italian from a college from North America for their annual College Essay Contest.

  • Past prize winners: Delphine Dall'Agata (2017) for her essay entitled L’orto in città: dalle radici storiche alle pratiche contemporanee.

The Paul F.M. Angiolillo Prize is awarded to one (1) graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in Italian Studies. Prof. Paul F.M. Angiolillo (1917-2011) taught at Dickinson from 1962-1986 and was instrumental in developing the Italian program at Dickinson.

  • Past prize winners: Delphine Dall'Agata (2017); Clara (Maddie) Fritz (2016); Ashton Fiucci (2015); Julia Barnes (2014); Thiago Branco (2013); Justin John Ruffini (2012); Sharon Veronica Perrone (2011); Danielle Lauren Chock (2010); Michael Caulfield Dalton (2009); Marissa Leigh Calfe (2008); Nalleli Enid Sagardia (2007); Shawn Michael Werner (2006); Rosa Paloma Proctor Catania (2005); John Burgess Guptill (2004); Justin Smith (2003); Joanne Guarraci (2003); Risa Anderson (2002); Brent Cassell (2001); Brendan Jay Williams (2000).

The NECTFL Excellence in Language Study Award is given to two (2) graduating students who have demonstrated excellence in the study of the Italian language. The Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL) is the oldest (1954) multi-language association of pre-kindergarten through university teachers in the country. Although nominally a regional association, its activities, publications, and annual conference attract participants from around the country and the globe. Currently, about 40 states and 10 foreign countries send a total of 2,500 educators to the Northeast Conference each year.

  • Past award winners: Thera Dal Prà Iversen (2017); Natalie McNeill (2017); Abigail Marriott (2016); Miles Ward (2016); Melissa Pesantes (2015); Vivian Sicilia (2015); Alice Ashton (2014); Luca May (2014); Melia Bonomo (2013); Mariya Hristova (2013); Emily Cook Osborne (2012); Ilana Rainero-de Haan (2012); Elena Brandano (2011); Jessica Flores (2011); Kristen Yi-Hung Chan (2010); Victoria Erminia La Rocca (2009); James Kyle Hutchin (2009); Christina Marie Brumbach (2008); Heather Buttolph Vincent (2008); Jessica M. Snyder (2007); Meryl Melissa Peterman (2007); Eszter Hudoba (2006).

The Italian Department Award for Excellence in Italian Studies given by the Italian Studies Faculty to one student for excellence in and dedication to the study of Italian. 

  • Past award winners: Sarah DiMuccio (2015); Katie Ramiré (2014); Simon A. Hernandez (2013).