There are countless online sources of potential use to an International Studies major. Here are a few suggestions to get started:

International Studies Association: Directory of Internet Resources

Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources

WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs

News and Information Sources:  

The Economist

Financial Times

New York Times

Washington Post


International Organizations and NGOs: 

International Monetary Fund

World Bank

World Trade Organization

European Union

United Nations

International Criminal Court

International Court of Justice (World Court)

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

US Government Offices:  

US Department of State

US Department of Defense

International Trade Administration: US Department of Commerce

Regional Information: 

Political Database of the Americas

Africa South of the Sahara

Virtual Library: Africa

Virtual Library: Eastern Europe

Virtual Library: Europe Bibliography of Asian Studies

Virtual Library: Asia 

Virtual Library: Mid-East

A Few Good International Affairs Blogs: 

Daniel Drezner

Duck of Minerva

Dani Rodrik

Foreign Policy Passport 

Global Voices