Globalization & Sustainability:

ECON 222–Environmental Economics (2 sections)
INBM 240–Marketing in a Global Context
INST 290-03/ECON 214–International Development
INST 290-04–Global Health
SOCI 230–Environmental & Social Justice
SOCI 237–Global Inequality

Security Studies (Concentration and Certificate):

ENGL 101–Women Write War
INBM 300–Leadership in Four Directions:
    Preparing Individuals and Organizations for Success
INST 277–International Politics of the Middle East
INST 281–American National Security Policy (Required for Security Studies)
INST 290-01–International Terrorism
INST 290-02–European Security
INST 290-03/ECON 214–International Development
INST 290-04–Global Health
POSC 390–Summits: A Study of Pivotal Moments in International Relations

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