The English department's Majors Committee (MCs) works with department faculty to plan classes, evaluate policies and run events. Below are current members of the committee. Feel free to email them if you have a good idea for the English department, or to ask them questions about what the Dickinson English major is like.

Majors Committee List 2016-17
Livvy Poulin '17  Send an email to Livvy
Nicola Shackman-Ryden '17  Send an email to Nicola
Jonah Adler '18  Send an email to Jonah
Noah Fusco '18  Send an email to Noah
Leah Miller '18  Send an email to Leah
Janel Pineda '18  Send an email to Janel
Sam Portelance '18  Send an email to Sam
Rachel Stern '18  Send an email to Rachel
Jennifer Ailey '19  Send an email to Jennifer
Molly Gorelick '19  Send an email to Molly
Elaine Hang '19  Send an email to Elaine
Diane Lee '19  Send an email to Diane
Margot McCrillis '19  Send an email to Margot
Shannon Nolan '19  Send an email to Shannon