Departmental honors in computer science

Recent recipients of departmental honors in computer science

Year Student Title of Thesis


2017 James Midkiff Heuristic Approaches to Nonlinear 0-1 Knapsack Problem Dick Forrester
2017 Peixin Sun Construction of Test Problems for the 0-1 Quadratic Knapsack Problem Dick Forrester
2016 Hieu Le Applying Novelty Search to the Construction of Ensemble Systems Grant Braught
2016 Wode Ni Whiteboard Scanning using Super-Resolution John MacCormick
2016 My Nguyen Tra A Case Study on Modeling Social Network Privacy Policies Using Event-B Tim Wahls
2016 Graham Williams Pain Management: Formal Verification of an Android Application Using EventB2SQL Tim Wahls
2015 None    
2014  Sam Kelly AST Indexing: A Near-Constant Time Solution to the Get-Descendants-By-Type Problem Tim Wahls
2013 None    
2012 Katherine Veil Improving the jmle Tool's Constraint Solving On Sets      Tim Wahls
2011 Fabio Drucker Expanding Krakatoa/Why Tim Wahls
2011 Russell Toris Evolving Robotic Desires: A New Approach to Bridging the Reality Gap Grant Braught
2011 Danni Yu     Translating B Machines to JML Specifications Tim Wahls
2010 James Doyle PathFinder in CUDA John MacCormick
2010 Michael Keating Executing Formal Specifications via Constraint Programming: Enhancing the jmle Tool Tim Wahls
2009 Matt Bachmann The Effects of Network Structure and Fitness Sharing on the Evolutionary Dynamics of Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma Strategies Grant Braught
2009 Adrian Kostrubiak Integration of Java Generics Into The jmle Tool Within The Eclipse IDE Tim Wahls
2009 Richard Rast Automated Interpretation of Arithmetic in First-Order Theories Tim Wahls
2009 Ke (Harry) Zhou Improving the Two Color Image Prior Bayesian Demosaicing Algorithm John MacCormick
2008 Mark Veronda Applying a Genetic Algorithm to the Localization Problem using an Extremely Sensing Limited Robot Grant Braught
2008 Ryan Zeigler A New Approach for Evolving Robotic Controllers Grant Braught
2007 Scott McHugh Small World Structures in Evolved Neural Networks Grant Braught
2006 Stevan Kominac Evolving Small-World Neural Networks Grant Braught
2003 Ash Dean The Influence of Learning on Chance, History and Adaptation in Artificial Evolution Grant Braught
2003 Adam Labadorf Dynamic Correlation: the effect of learning on evolution when learning and evolutionary tasks are different Grant Braught
2003 Rebecca Wells Effects of Learning on Coevolution Grant Braught