Research Experience

All biology majors must include a research experience as part of their undergraduate program. All biology majors will be required to present the results of their research experience in on-campus symposia or at regional or national conferences.

This requirement may be satisfied by the successful completion of any one of the following:

  1. An independent research project OR a student/faculty collaborative research project for biology credit
  2. An off-campus internship with significant research component
  3. Seminar (BIOL 412)
  4. A research experience not covered by the above but deemed equivalent 

Ready to submit a proposal? Proposals should be submitted to the student's faculty advisor, who will determine whether the completed experience satisfies the research experience requirement.

On-Campus Symposia for Students

Two major on-campus symposia in which students are encouraged to participate are:

  • Biology Student Research Symposium - November 2017
  • The Annual Science Student Research Symposium - April 2018