The Mayakovsky Museum is not only the poet's former residence but also a memorial to his work, capturing the essence of his creative, avant-garde lifestyle. This museum has become a favorite place for Dickinsonians to visit, so much so that they often return here and bring their friends along.

The entrance to the Mayakovsky museum A student studies an exhibit at the Mayakovsky museum.

An exhibit from the museum featuring sketches and photos

"Furthermore, I may have found my favorite museum in Moscow: the Mayakovsky museum. It is unique to the point that it is nearly indescribable, and gives the impression you're walking around his head," Jonathan Ontiberos'11
"We then went to the Mayakovsky Museum, which is easily the weirdest museum I have ever been in my entire life. Mayakovsky was a Soviet intelligentsia who was an artist, a poet, and a playwright. His apartment building was converted into the museum," James Franklin'12