Dickinson Russian scholars participate in a small and intimate program. Because of the small size of the department, students and professors develop close relationships and peers forge friendships through their shared experience of mastering a difficult language and being immersed in Russian culture. Outside of the classroom, students participate in exciting activities through the Russian Club, such as Revolution Reenactments and Easter Egg Painting. They also watch Russian films, eat meals with peers and faculty during weekly Russian Table gatherings, and take field trips to New York, Baltimore or Washington to attend Russian exhibits or eat at Russian restaurants. Many of our students live in the Russian Special Interest House, a cozy home-like dormitory where they can practice Russian with an exchange student from Moscow and cook borsch and bliny together. 

Kirsten Brents '15

Kristen Brents

Здравствуйте! My name is Kirsten, and I love being a Russian major because I have always had a love for languages, and Russian is more challenging and rewarding than any other I have tried learning. I also have wanted to travel to Russia for as long as I can remember, and as I am currently studying abroad, I can definitely say it's a great feeling being able to communicate and meet new people over here that otherwise I wouldn't be able to talk to or get to know. I love the Dickinson Russian Department, and I'm so glad that I get to work and study with the faculty and students in this department.

Alex Delp '15

Alex Delp

I wanted to try a new language in college, having taken German in high school, and Russian piqued my interest. I am interested in learning more about Russian history and literature particularly, along with the language.

Caroline Elkin '15

Caroline Elkin

Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by Russian culture, history, and literature. I’ve wanted to learn Russian for a long time, although I’m interested by most languages. Besides, the Latin alphabet gets old.

Nick Formus '15

Nick Formus

I chose to take Russian because of my parents, who are from Poland and speak it fluently, but learned Russian when they were growing up. I learned to speak Polish fluently too, along with some Russian sayings. Since I already have one Slavic language under my belt, I figured I can learn one more too.

Victoria Gluszko '16

Victoria Gluszko

I wanted to study Russian because I have always been interested in Russian culture and wanted to learn the language that goes along with it.

Jared Ginsburg '16

Jared Ginsburg

I decided to study Russian to learn a little bit about my roots and to learn a language that I could use in the future. I also am very interested in the culture and am really excited to branch into the history of Russia.

Jason Denaburg ‘16

Jason Denaburg

Меня зовут Джейсон. Я живу в Вашингтоне. Я учусь на факультете American Studies. Я играю в бейсбол и мне нравится русский язык.

Elizabeth Lowman ‘16

Elizabeth Lowman

Привет! Меня зовут Лиза. Мне восемнадцать лет. Я учусь на русском факультете. Я также говорю по-французски.

Mackenzie Stricklin ‘16

Mackenzie Stricklin

Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Макензи и я люблю русский язык! Мне нравятся собаки и нравится рисовать. Я обычно говорю по-русски но моя семья не понимает меня. I started studying Russian because I wanted to try a new language and now it’s my favorite class. Speaking in Russian is so much fun and it’s such an interesting language to learn! Somehow I found myself going to every Russian table and most of the films. Это отлично.

Barrett Ziegler ‘16

Barrett Ziegler

Мне нравится русский язык. На уроке мы говорим и пишем по-русски. Я также занимаюсь фехтованием. Недавно я написал стихи по-русски.