Gateway Legend:  

Green Light – clearance is OK is NOT going to expire within 60 days
Yellow Light – clearance is OK but IS going to expire within 60 days
Red Light – no clearance or expired clearance

PA Act 153 requires that all volunteers complete Child Abuse, PA State Police Background and FBI Finger Print Clearances before serving children or other select community members. These clearances are valid 5 years from the effective date. 
Based on the prior page:

  • If two or more clearances have a red or yellow light, please click the ‘Need All Clearances’ button below on the left.
  • If only FBI Finger Print Clearances have a red or yellow light, please click the ‘Need FBI fingerprints only’ button below in the middle.
  • If all clearances have a green light, please click the ‘Have ALL my Clearances’ button on the right below.

Please note:  If you have completed the required clearances for another organization, please bring them to the Center for Service, Spirituality, and Social Justice in Landis House on the corner of College St. and Pomfret St. 

**Please complete the appropriate online form only when you are ready to begin the process to become a Dickinson Volunteer!

Button for Need All Clearances

Button for Need FBI Fingerprints Only

Button for Have All my Clearances

Still have Questions? Contact the Center for Service, Spirituality and Social Justice at 

*If you are interested in Service Trips, please email

*If you are interested in single day volunteer or social justice opportunities, please email