The Center for Service, Spirituality and Social Justice (CSSS) works to increase engaged citizenship and sustainable community partnerships by helping students, faculty and staff build connections with each other and partners in our community through service. Participating in service can enhance your experience at Dickinson by helping you to learn new skills, connect with others who share your passion and learn more about the community in which you live. Each year, over 200 students volunteer weekly in the Carlisle community through our programs with more than 20 community partners. Many more students engage in single-day service opportunities and over 60 participate in one of our Service Trips each year. In 2018-19, students completed more than 20,000 hours of community service! To check out what we did last year, see the 2018-19 Year In Review.

Ready to get involved? See below for a brief description of each of our programs and explore our website for more detailed information! You can also contact us at or stop by Landis House.

Montgomery Service Leaders is 2.5-year program that places work-study eligible students with community partners to work 6-8 hours per week. Students in this program are committed to making significant contributions as members of the Dickinson College and Carlisle communities. The program integrates in-depth community service, leadership and awareness and academic connections in a framework for student leadership.

CommServ is an umbrella organization for 15 weekly volunteer groups. These groups build and maintain strong community partnerships through sustained interactions and consistent volunteers.

Service Trips immerse students and staff in communities throughout the US and abroad to see the needs of new communities without imposing our ideas and methods on others. Students confront underlying societal needs by asking questions and seeking connections locally, within Carlisle, and from their hometowns.

Day of Service provides single-day service experiences to open students’ eyes to the needs of the community and people beyond the limestone walls. Students, faculty and staff join together to recognize the interdependence of the Dickinson and the Carlisle community.

Justice Served brings the social justice issues that influence community service needs to the forefront. The program creates events that combine social justice awareness and community service.

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