Community Studies Center

Welcome to the Community Studies Center

The mission of the CSC is to create collaborative communities of inquiry. Faculty, students and community partners engage in interdisciplinary field research to create shared knowledge, working toward greater equality, peace and social justice.


Intercultural Research and Exchange: Focus on China - Thursday, September 27 at 4:30pm in Stern 102
Come join us in a conversational, intercultural exchange between domestic and international students. Dickinson students, supported by an Asia-Network faculty-student research grant, just returned from three weeks of fieldwork in Yunnan Province. Most of the time was spent in a Bai village which has experienced large-scale migration to China’s cities. Rather than being abandoned like many other rural villages, Fengyu appears to be a vibrant community adapting to major changes as the parent generation leaves for work elsewhere. Three Dickinson students will present their research, its challenges, and the amazing welcome they received from the villagers. After their short presentation, they and fellow global ambassadors will open up to questions that incoming international students may have about their research, the U.S., and Dickinson’s campus culture. This is a great opportunity to get to know fellow students with international experience and a commitment to intercultural exchange! Asian appetizers, American desserts, and Pu’er tea will be served.

Brazil Mosaic: São Paulo as a Global City - Application Deadline September 21
This Mosaic will look at the ways in which peoples with a variety of backgrounds, life experiences, and identities have contributed to making São Paulo a global city. It will study the experience of people who created historical immigrant neighborhoods like Bela Vista, Bom Retiro, and Liberdade - created by Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Eastern European Jews in the early twentieth century. We will also study the settlement of internal migrants from different regions of Brazil beginning in the mid-twentiety century, their creation of spaces of their own, and their impact on the city's food, music, and poplar culture. This three-course Mosaic integrates a research trip to Brazil to conduct fieldwork with community members, NGOs, (im)migrants, activists, politicians, writers, scholars, and film-makers in January with classes to follow in the Spring 2019 semester. For more information please contact Marcelo Borges (History) and Carolina Castellanos (Spanish and Portugese). To apply please visit the Global Study & Engagement page.

Carlisle Indian School Digitization Project Highlighted on the Front Page of the Navajo Times
The Archives and Special Collections department of Dickinson College partnered with the Community Studies Center to create a website that brings together and makes available the various photographs, letters, and administrative files pertaining to the more than 10,000 students who attended the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (CIIS) between 1879 and 1918. There is now a searchable database for those individuals who wish to search for more information on the CIIS and/or the students who attended the school.