Fraternity / Sorority

Delta Nu

The Movers and Shakers of Dickinson College since 1971.

Contact: Johanna Fleming

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity

To create better men and to hold ourselves to higher standards when compared to other men on campus.

Contact: William Morisseau

Dickinson College Panhellenic Council

As a national organization, we strive to "promote values and ethics in women's fraternities and encourages all members to be active and responsible leaders in their respective communities. Our mission is supported through the sponsorship of National Panhellenic Conference educational and charitable programs addressing health, safety, education, leadership and general women's issues in today's society."

Contact: Rachel Moore
Contact: Jacqueline Rigney

Kappa Alpha Psi

Achievement in every field of human endeavor.

Contact: Cody Nichols

Kappa Alpha Theta

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow Kappa Alpha Theta exists to nurture each member throughout her college and alumnae experience to offer a lifelong opportunity for social, intellectual, and more growth as she meets the higher and broader demands of mature life.

Contact: Gillian Maguire

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Kappa Kappa Gamma is an organization of women, which seeks for every member throughout her life bonds of friendship, mutual support, opportunities for self-growth, respect for intellectual development, and an understanding of an allegiance to positive ethical principles.

Contact: Elizabeth DeTour

Panhellenic Council

The purpose of the Panhellenic Council is to assist collegiate and alumnae chapters of the member groups, to cooperate with colleges and to foster interfraternal relationships. Its mission is to support its womens' fraternities by promoting values, education, leadership, friendship, cooperation, and citizenship.

Contact: Claire Jungman

Phi Delta Theta

Phi Delta Theta was organized with the cardinal principles in mind: The cultivation of friendship amongst its members, the acquisition of a high degree of mental culture on an individual level, and the personal attainment of a high standard of morality. This organization continues to operate under these principles and seeks to spread friendship, sound learning and moral rectitude across the campus of Dickinson College.


Pi Beta Phi

The mission of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service.

Contact: Abigail Marriott

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.

The purpose of Sigma Lambda Gamma is primarily one of promoting standards of excellence in morality, ethics, and education. The Sorority shall serve to better serve the needs and wants of all people by disseminating information about the diverse culture, which we all share. Finally the Sorority shall maintain respect for the views of others through this valuing, thereby enhancing our understanding of one another, and thus bettering our community, our country, and the world.


Language Interest

American Sign Language Club

To provide a space to learn and practice American sign language and to increase awareness about deaf culture.

Contact: Jarrett Bordner

German Club

The German Club is a Dickinson College Student Organization founded to foster an appreciation of the language and culture of German-speaking countries amongst interested students.

Contact: Michal Burgunder

Il Circolo Italiano

Organize events and activities to promote the usage and awareness of the Italian language and culture.

Portuguese Club

The purpose of the Portuguese Club at Dickinson College is to promote Portuguese language and culture of Portuguese-speaking countries. In order to achieve such goal, members and students interested meet weekly for dinner to speak strictly Portuguese, organize events and bi-weekly movie showings.

Contact: Lucas Paiva

Russian Club

We aim to promote learning of Russian history, language, and culture on Dickinson's campus through interactive activities aimed at Russian learners and non-Russian students alike.

Contact: Allison Stroyan

Media Group

Dickinson Science Magazine

To inform, educate and inspire students with campus-wide and global science news, research, and opinions. To provide a process for students to publish peer-reviewed research and participate in editing processes.

Contact: Gloria Hwang


Record Dickinson's yearly history through the students eyes by designing and assembling the Dickinson yearbook and making it available to students, parents, administration and alumni for purchase.

Red Devils Television (RDTV)

Red Devils Television Network is a student run broadcast organization. Formed in November 2011, the professionally managed, student network functions to provide a new outlet for entertainment for the Dickinson community. RDTV will strive to capture the eye of Dickinsonians and change the way students view media on campus. We hope to provide a new and exciting experience for both students and faculty. With the help and collaboration of organizations all over campus it is sure to be a success. Be sure to tune in and watch!

Contact: Sarah Archer-Days

The Dickinsonian

The Dickinsonian is the official voice of the Dickinson student body. Our weekly newspaper is produced by students, for the students and covers news, life and style, opinion and sports on campus. We always welcome new writers, photographers, copy editors, business/sales assistants - no experience necessary! The newspaper provides the opportunity to gain practical skills in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Contact: Elizabeth Hardison
Contact: Jessica Sykes


To promote underrepresented music, public affairs, the Carlisle community, and to be the Voice of Dickinson College.

Contact: Lauren Bobyock
Contact: Jonathan Northridge
Contact: Joelle Paull

the square

the square strives to provide an alternative news outlet for a number of student interests; such as the arts, literature, and social justice issues.

Contact: Danielle Collette